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sarah (catchmeinadream) wrote,
@ 2004-01-11 20:25:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic
    Current music:cross out the eyes - thursday

    cool day out with dave
    sometimes, your heart beats faster than you think it can go. my heart raced as my sister and her friend jessica walked up to the local sunoco down the street to meet my friend dave. i had butterflies in my stomach. when we arrived, him and his friend were sitting in his tan bmw. he has a very nice car indeed. dave got out and said "hi" to me and offered me a seat in his car. it must have been 2 degrees below zero because i was so cold. kaite and jessica ran inside to store to get some vanilla coffee. i was left talking to the two boys. dave is 21 and his friend was younger. im not sure exactally. we were talking for a while until the girls walked out of the store, holding two cups of coffee. we placed ourselves in his car to get warm. my step father before i left to meet up with dave, told me not to drive anywhere with him. me being a rebel and all took the girls out on a drive. we went to the wawa in daretown i think it was. right by the diner. it was great. dave is a really good driver. we took a sharp turn at 55mph. not always so easy to do. especially since it was one of those odd circle things that have mutilpul cars coming at you from many directions. we parked the car in the diner parking lot and then daves friend suggested that we "go to the wawa acrossed the street" so we did. we ventured off passed the circle and to the wawa. my sister and her friend have recently been addicted to cancer sticks. they stayed outside to smoke up. the remainder of us went in and bought stuff at wawa. dave got soup and his friend got three pretzels and liquid cheese in a small plastic container *yuck* anyway, we hung out and just talked for a bit. then we decided to start heading back home bcasue i knew that jeff would be looking for me and the girls. of corse he did. we instructed dave to take us to the park. there katie showed us her "smoking spot" in the woods. it was pretty neat back there. someoen actually took the time to clear the place out and make it cool. im thinking about haveing abonf fire back there. that is if cheif osterman woul let us. i highly doubt it... dave is really attractive. too bad i dont think that i have a chance with him. hehe, hes really sweet too. most guys that are his age can be pretty rude. not him though. usually when i go to hang out with people i dont really know all that well, i get nervous and i act strange. i wasnt strange at all with dave. it was almost as if him and i have been good friends in the past. i hope that i can hang out with him again soon. he is alot of fun to hang out with and to talk to. dave is much better than justin. what was i thinking back then? i must have had a short term of insanity. i was just talking to him about ten minutes ago. i told him that he better meet me at dr. arricos place at 5. if he doesnt show up, i am going to report my stuff missing to the police. he also tried to tell me not to talk to his new girlfriend katie. thats a shame because katie turned out to be a really cool girl. personally, he has no right to tell me if i can or if i cant talk to her. he doesnt know her that well to control her.. not yet anyway. justin has a sevear problem of lieing. i never knew that someone could lie so much in his or her life. i didnt think it was possible to lie about EVERYTHING. its a shame because deep down, he knows how messed up he really is. i feel bad for katie because i dont believe that she fully understands how demeanted his mind truely is. she doesnt understand how messed up he is and what a loser he is. not only is a compulsive liar, but he is a hyperchondriac. i dont know how many times that justin has told me that he is dieing. or how many times for that matter that he has "coughed up blood" or "thinks he has appendisitus." -i cant spell tonight- anyway, i wont let him ruin my good day. hes the one who is getting slaped anyway if he does show up. he better. or me and gabi will have to have it out

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