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sarah (catchmeinadream) wrote,
@ 2003-12-26 10:37:00
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    Current mood: pissed off
    Current music:just enough - early novemeber

    no longer upset, just pissed off
    im so pissed off. finally i got to talk to that boy for more than 10 minutes. i told him just how i really felt. im not the bad guy anymore. i dont love justin anymore. i care for him as a person but he is a jerk. i cant believe that he cant even come and see me when i need him the most. that would be right now! instead he is out screwing around with other girls. im giving justin back all of his stuff. including the jacket he bought me. i dont want it anymore. i hope that he gives the jacket and the stuffed animals to his new girl friend. maybe they will keep her company when he brakes her heart too. i wonder if he enjoys hurting people.. im not upset now because i see him for who he really is. thats it. bottom line is i thought he was different than most guys. he isnt. he is just like the rest of them in our society. its a shame because he said that he was sincer about what he had said to me in the past. i dont believe it now. i have this strong feeling that i was vulnerable and i fell for what he said. i should have known better. i was a fool. i asked him for his address. i was thinking about just sending him his stuff through the mail but he wont let me. on monday, he said taht he is going to come down and get it and talk to me. i highly doubt it. he never keeps his promises. he promised me so many things and i have yet to see them through. so until then, i warn all you girls out there to stay clear of justin howarth unless you want your heart smashed. i dont even feel like being his friend

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