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Jiruri (casval_daikun) wrote,
@ 2003-03-11 19:51:00
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    Current mood: exhausted
    Current music:"Fade Away" - Craig Gray (GTA 3)

    Mreh. This is a totally hectic day. Hell, the passed two days have been fucking hectic. Okay, so, I went down to the school yesterday, to see Linda mainly, and it was okay, I guess. Until Gus practically tackles me in front of God and everybody, hugging the hell at me. And here I am, shrieking for him to get the hell offa me, but of course he doesn't. I couldn't pry the little bastard away either. Fucker. -.- Anyway, other points. I met Linda at lunch, we just acted like two hyper little baka, shouting our fool heads off. It was pretty fun, anyway. I also went to two of her classes (the teacher let her leave the third class since I'm leaving), so yeah, it was pretty funny. She's so LOUD though. I was like... "O______O" Hehe... ^.^ Oh yeah...This one guy in her class was being an asshole, so what'd I do? I took my gum out of my mouth, and stuck it in his hood. XDDDDDD That was funny. Hroom...What else? Oh yeah...Linda also told me that the whole school is talking about me. Yeah, that didn't sit too well with me. I mean, I'm not used to that. I don't do anything bad enough to be talked about. Anyway, what were they saying? They were talking about something that happened THREE fucking years ago! And what was that? They're talking about how Amir (Layla's brother) liked me then. I'm like...What the fuck? Why talk about that NOW? And who the hell told everyone? I mean, I know it wasn't Amir himself, he would be too afraid of T finding out and murdering his ass. I just don't get it...And it pisses me the hell off.
    Oh, let's go over today's events, shall we? Well, I had to go see my dad's annoying-ass family. Sorry sons of bitches...Anyway, yeah, it wasn't all that bad until we get to his mom's house. One of his fucking brothers wants me to give him one of my Hello Kitty plush keychains! I'm like... "Uhh...NO". Then he kept fucking asking. And when we were leaving, the guy's like giving me dirty looks. What the fuck is that? Stupid fuck. Anyway, we leave there and go to Layla's. We're sittin' there, chillin' and watching soap operas. It was kewl. Anyway, as we're getting ready to leave, my mom's getting all emotional and hugging Nadia...I'm like standing in between Amir and Hannan, and he kept looking at me. I mean, everytime I looked in that general direction, he was LOOKING AT ME. Maybe I'm over reacting as usual, but I thought it was weird. Then, when we shook hands, he was looking me straight in the eye...Like he wanted to say something or something, mind, I had something I wanted to say, about everyone knowing that he liked me, but I didn't. How the hell can you bring THAT up? *sighs* This is just so stressful...I want to go to sleep. I'm just so tired...And tired of dealing with everything. Mreh, food's here. *slinks off to go eat*

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