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Cassie (cassie19) wrote,
@ 2003-06-26 21:18:00
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    Current mood: okay
    Current music:nothinnngg

    We won again :))) It really wasn't that hot out..once I was out there for awhile. I DHed tonite..and was 0-1. A walk and a strikeout :\ I only DHed because I blacked out..almost passed out whatever you wanna call it. It was very scary :\\\ I felt sick and then couldn't really see was very scary...I managed to walk off and over to the fence and I sat down. But Rich said he didn't want me to push it..I was fine after I had some water. I think I was just dehydraded or something :\\ cuz I did eat today...I had breakfast...I didnt have lunch tho :\ But I had some ice cream around 12 or 1 ish..:\ But yeah my mom was a wreck. "Did you eat?", "Did you drink anything?", "Rich told me..." goodness..I was ready to kill her. (not literally...i love my mommy)

    Eeerr..but $#)@JF (i dont wanna name anyones names...) was there. And F@#GJM and @#(@LF were...looking for "sharp objects" to cut themselves with. At the game...on the bench...while everyone else was playing. It completely set me off...And FD(*#@IR@ comes over and tells me, "My friends are over there cutting themselves with sharp objects." So yeah...she was checking #@)*$I?FA's wrists..:\ I really didn't want to see it..Yanno? I don't know DF@#)!@! or @#5GGS very well..even tho #@a!%%!'s on my team...But..I dont know I just couldn't take it.

    Weelll yeah we're 3-0 now :))) It's great, really it is. I love travel and couldn't imagine what I'd do w/ out it.

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