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MiSs. F*cKiNg ViCiOuS (carly_gcfan) wrote,
@ 2003-08-31 10:38:00
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    Current mood:bitchy
    Current music:"Play Crack The Sky"-Brand New

    My Day...
    Ok so i woke up about... 1:45ish. get out of bed, fucking tired since i went to sleep at 4:30. my mom comes in and decides to go shopping. shopping, like everyday. so yeah, i put on a MADE shirt, some jeans, and we go to this really good diner. i thnk it was called... Golden Reef Diner. yeah, that's it. anyways, so i get silver dollar pancakes and french fries. my mom was actually being nice and calm. so we're talking about stupid things... like, how me and my sister got out names or whatever. i got my name from my grandpa Charlie. charlie, carly. yeah. so my sister got her name from like, my grandma's sister or something, mildred. melissa, mildred. i guess it's both m's since, i don't know. well, yeah. my middle name comes from lou. though i don't see hwo lou goes with liana. i thought it would be louise. it's some jewish tradition to name your children after people in your family. my dad's side of the family is jewish, so i guessed they like ruled my mom and made decisions for her. don't get me wrong, i love my dad's side. so uh, yeah. we ate and my sister wanted to go to this STUPID place called house of style. it was the stupidest place. i don't even want to get into it. everything was like 100 bucks and over probably. it sucked. then after that we went to this other stupid place called nation jean company. i was dragged in. i was checking out priced, and one swetshirt was fucking 169 BUCKS. for ONE sweatshirt. damn, my closet isn't even worth that much. anyways... after our dandy shopping fucking spree for ugly clothes, we get in the car and me and my mom want to go to the mall cause i wanted to get a cd and she needed to return pants. so, my sister doesn't want to go, so she makes us drive ALL THE WAY home to drop her ass off and then we have to go back. on the way dropping her off at home, she says this stupid thing "i don't like to mix friends and family together." and my mom took it kind of the wrong way. she totally blew up. shes like, "OK WELL I KNOW WHERE I STAND. I GUESS YOU'RE FRIENDS ARE MORE IMPORTANT." and my sister's like "no i think friends should be with friends and family should be with family." it was this whole big thing and i was like practically laughing cause it was the stupidest shit i've ever heard. so my sister promised my mom she wouldn't go out tonight, and guess what? right now, she's out. out with her friends. yeah it's shit. they're probably still pissed at eachother. so yeah... me and my mom went to the mall. i got the new brand new cd. it's very good, by the way. and she returned her fucking 70 dollar pants from ABERCROMBIE. i wanna kill that store. there was this guy at the register giving me horrible looks. like saying "you don't belong here". yeah, he's right. i don't. i wanted to run out of the fucking store. and i wanted the big moose on the wall in back of him to fall on him and kill his abercrombie ass. sooooo... my mom wanted me to get this hideous boots at this stupid store. i didn't go to hot topic cause i was low on money and that place is so damn expensive. i had fucking 5 bucks in my wallet. anyways, i got an ap mag. i subscribed, but i don't know what happened with it. so... yeah, great day. my mom wants me to wash my face with this fucking stuff that smells like shit cause she says i have pimples. which i do, i mean, i can't help it. i'm not perfect like my sister. she thinks that i have to have everything perfect and she thinks im so manly and im not a girl. we were in this store and shes like "how bout this?" she pulled out this ugly, girly, see thru top with like baby-blue and lepord shit on it. im like "who wears that?" and shes like "girls." im like "im a girl" shes like "yeah right." shes a bitch. she wants me to wash my face with that shit every night. shes like "it's a matter of higene" higene, my ass. she just finished saying to me how she wants me to look pretty cause im her daughter. i wish she'd shove that bottle of shit up her ass. ::sigh:: well, that was my day...

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