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Cameron Nicole Richardson (cameron_r) wrote,
@ 2003-09-05 01:32:00
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    just for mikey :-*
    [1] When and how did we meet: Some silly party I went to with my girls...
    [2] What did you first notice about me: Aside from the fact that you kept staring at me? Those beautiful blue eyes. I could see them all the way across the room.
    [3] What do you like most about me: You keep me smiling. You're always cracking jokes and trying to make everyone around you happy. You're quite selfless when you want to be.
    [5] Have you ever seen me with my shirt off: Many, many times...but I wish it was more often. ;)
    [6] Have you ever seen me cry: Unfortunately yes. I feel horrible when you do, especially when I'm the cause.
    [7] Describe me in four adjectives: Amazing, gorgeous, funny and talented.
    [8] If we could spend a day together what would we do: Mike...your idea beat me 10 times over. My answer would just be to go to the beach, lay around and do nothing with you...but in Hawaii because I kinda miss it. It was so great there.
    [9] Have we ever gotten in a fight: Yeah, lots :/
    [10] If you could give me a present what would it be: I'd give you anything, ever.
    [11] Would you hug me: I want to hug you right this very second.
    [12] What do you really think of me: I think you're amazing in every sense of the word. You take my breath away. You're a genuinely good person and you'd do anything for those who care for you. You're loyal and trustworthy and to be petty for a second, the most beautiful person I have ever known in my entire life.
    [13] Have we ever kissed: Probably a million times by now :-*
    [14] Has there ever been anything you wanted to tell me, but were scared to: Yeah, but you know just about everything now...and whatever you don't was obviously not important enough to mention.
    [15] Wanna makeout: Name the time and place and I'm there.
    [16] Is there anything you dont like about me: I don't like when you get all work-a-holic at the same time as I do because then I don't get to see you...or when you would go to smoke up in the middle of fighing with me. I don't know why but that makes me really sad.
    [17] What makes you think of me: Just about everything. Except loser asshole exboyfriends who remind me of the slimy underbelly of a rock in a garbage heap.
    [18] Whats your name: Cameron NICOLE Richardson...but only for a little while longer.
    [19] Am I nice to you: You're more than nice to treat me better than anything. You really are too good for me.
    [20] Have we ever dated: Hmm...that's a toughie... ahahah

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