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Caryn "Calysto" (calysto) wrote,
@ 2003-05-28 23:28:00
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    Current mood:amused

    .::me in a nutshell::.
    I personally consider myself both virgo and libra because I was born on the day it changes and exhibit behaviors of both. Alright in my cd player right now are 5 of my favorite cds: Hanson's "This Time Around" (awesome album...doesn't really sound like the Hanson people are used to), Michelle Branch's "The Spirit Room", Vinessa Carlton's “Be Not Nobody", Melanie C's "Northern Star", And The Moffatts's "Submodalities". And I adore the new Christina Aguilera album……oh so dirty te he he.

    Now to describe myself in a nutshell. I will be attending UW-Madison this fall. I'm an artist, I dabble in painting, cartooning, basketry, stained glass, art metals, pencil portraits, silk-screening, tie dying, batik, oragami, watercolor and colorful line designs. I love music, quite passionate about it in fact, but I don't really like radio. I model and I love it. I'm a chameleon, changing from day to day, I express myself through my clothing. I like to be different and to hang out with a wide variety of people. I like trouble and strawberries, they go well together I think. I enjoy being scandalous. I'm a bit of a tease. I'm opinionated but VERY open-minded. I'm confident and never afraid to say what's on my mind. I'm honest, a poet, and I love playing the tourist (even in my home town), and basically I'm fun.

    Here is what my friends had to say about me:
    • "You are unique, creative, crazy, open minded, fun to be around, and wild"--ASHLEY
    • "Tall, beautiful, gorgeous, and funny"--MIKE
    • "Tall, radiant smile, deep eyes, witty, funny, and definitely caring."--JON
    • "A flamboyant wild girl, with a quiet side very few people see"--BRIAN
    • "Spontaneous, witty, creative, intelligent, crazy fun, and supermodel like"--JUSTIN.

    So there you have it.

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