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A d r ! a n n a (calidreaminqt24) wrote,
@ 2004-01-24 16:49:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:maroon 5 - this love

    heyy wow its been over a month since i updated this thing..this just shows how much im putting off studying for midterms...haha so much has happened this month tooo

    yea midterms are this week and im totally streessing over it..i just cant get my self to sit down and study...its impossible. this past week has been fun tho. we had that 4 day weekend snow break which was really nice. saw along came polly with jess and paige. it was a very funny movie. last friday me, jess, paige, steph, and jess went to fridays for paiges 16th birthday. it was a lot of fun. i love those girls... keith <3 then we all went back to jess' with lampson and his friends. we watch pirates. love that movie. ive been running and going to the gym a lot. its really good for me. im surprised im actually running by myself. kate and i went to the gym over the weekend and then on monday i went with alex. it was funny. the old xc curcuits are hot.

    so latley i havent been doing any winter sports so abbey and i have the job of the stat bitches for the jv hockey team. its so great. we get to get out of school early, travel with the team, and sit in a heated box. its nice. plus, the rock has a really nice scoreboard which im pretty good at handeling. and i get to hear about pj and eric problems the entire time..what could be bettter??

    tonight im finally hangin with michelle again. we never hung out after we spent 5 days in a row together over christmas break. its so sad. omg christmas break was the shit! it was so much fun. mich and i had a blast...haha went to the mall like 100 times and met wit her ex boyfriend and his was funnyy....sketch!! haha... finally were getting back together. if we get a ride to the hockey we'll go to that but otherwise i think were going to go see chasing liberty. that looks like a good movie.

    ive been having a lot of parent issues lately... but besides that ive been really happy and i like it. idk. running has given me so much happiness and energy, its weird. haha kate slept over last night and im so tired right now...oh and HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY FRANKIE

    gotta go get ready now... lata

    it was the perfect storm out there..uh 50 foot was a mayday situation
    i had to be rescued
    iron man i am not

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