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A d r ! a n n a (calidreaminqt24) wrote,
@ 2003-09-16 19:23:00
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    Current mood: okay
    Current music:michael jackson - rock wit you

    hey really bored and i feel the burn. lol. today we had another was a dual meet with immaculata...we won..i think lol. yesterday kate and i got our nails done together after practice. they look good. lol. i love it how we both started out with no nails and now we both have long nails and they look really good. lol. weve wanted long nails for a while. starbucks <3

    well lets was a really fun weekend. well randolph on fri and then i babysat for an hour on sat and got $ was so sweet. then porter came over cause i hadnt seen him in the longest time ever and...i dont know...didnt want to go to it was so much fun. we watched all 3 movies of the mighty ducks (well skipped a little of the first one) it was amazing. it was my dream. lol. then we played hockey and i kicked his ass. it was so funny. my brother had all his gear downstairs so he put it on and it was tooo great. i kicked his ass at baseball (that was funny), air hockey basketball and hockey. bring it on. lol. too much fun..

    today was a pretty fun day in school...everyones getting im so happy for lauren. shes too cute. i love her. same with kelly. well i have to do my haiir so ill ttyl

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