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Cakie (cakie) wrote,
@ 2004-10-18 21:21:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:"Last Train Home" - The Last Prophets

    Don't remember
    OK so this is for umm thurs. fri. sat. and sun. oh and 2day but i didn't really do much 2day but wutever.

    Thrusday: Went 2 school, haha, can't remember, went 2 drama, went 2 the Jazz All-County Auditions. Hung out w/ this lil boy from Hewlitt who got his time wrong so I gave him pizza and stuff. There was some hotties there!!! Oh yes, and I screamed 2 help them all so Steph Anderson wouldn't haha. Yay!

    Friday: School...again. Home then umm back 2 school 2 get PSAT review stuff. Did the PSAT thingy then Kristin called cuz she was across the street and her and Brian wanted 2 go 2 teh Bellmore Street Fair but it was rainign so me and Kris went 2 pizza but couldn't walk home b/c of the scary ppl on the corner so my mom picked us up and then Brian came over. hmm...we listened 2 music, me and Kris did the secretive crip walk, haha fun fun. Went outside b/c Kris is weird like that. um..Kris left and tehn Brian left a lil later. And my mom the weirdo said
    Mom - "Y did they leave so early"
    Me - "b/c u said i had 2 be in @ 11:30"
    Mom - "U were in, that was if u went out"
    She's soo odd @ times.

    Saturday - PSAT's were OK. Christie Jo packed me a lunch, soo cute, and then I went straight 2 the fair. Worked teh sand art booth w/ Alise and occasionally sumone else. Gotta love teh ppl who come up and ask what to do. umm...hmm u fill up the bottle w/ sand u freakin' idiot. haha. It's ok, I had fun even though I nearly froze my ass off b/c of the rain and freezingness. Saw Marc every couples hours, saw my cuz's 2. umm...tryi'n2 think Paulie won a lil bike thingy and he tried 2 ride it and it was pretty funny. I broke sum girls witch sand art and I thought I was gonna cry btu the grandpa made me feel better. then went back 2 Brian's house for pizza even though Brian didn't want any b/c I was hungry. Then went 2 meet Kris, Alise, and Jillian @ teh fair. Went on the zipper, got sick (not literally just like felt sick), went on more rides. Kris' nana called @ said she had 2 be home @ 10 so we got zeppoles, and she came and picked her up so we went back 2 Brian's house. umm..talked w/ Lynn for awhile. Was soo incredibly tired but Brian told me 2 call Christie and have her pick me up @ 12, kinda late,eh. then my mom calls and tells me she's in Brooklyn so she can pick me up in 1/2 an hour. OK, if anyone knows it doesn't take a 1/2 an hour 2 get there but wutever. I woulda fell asleep had Brian not been talkin' 2 me b/c seriously I was snoozing on teh couch but every once in awhile Brian would say "U fallin' asleep on me, buddy" and I'd wake up a lil b/c he's a weirdo. yea fun night overall. Watch A Man Apart, which was a good movie, prolly even better when u get 2 see the end and actually open ur eyes, haha. Almost fell asleep on Brian but yet again my parents called me just in teh nick of time and I had 2 go home. Watched SNL till I fell asleep

    Sunday: Went 2 teh fair @ 11, went 2 go see the Corvettes, which I think are a tad ugly, but wutever that's just me. Then saw Lisa working @ the horse thingy, which I totally didn't notice sat. umm saw Marc again. Got 2 watch Brian do karate which was pretty cool except for the fact that I really thought he was gonna get hurt which woulda been pretty scary considering he's like invincible haha. tehn went back 2 the sand art booth w/ Alise and told the lady which sand was red and that teh sand wasn't edible. umm...tehn went back 2 Brian's house for KFC. Shaun's nephew is one of teh cutest lil boys minus Trevor and Liam and all my cuz's. Who's on ur shoes James? SPIDERMAN!! He's so cute, he makes pig noises and aww I just wanna kiss him, he's soo cute w/ his lil accents and stuff. then Alise had her first KFC after Brian nearly got excited over Britney's Spears' new video haha. fun fun. Paul made fun of me yet again for ordering the "wrong" food. Lynn, omg I forgot Lyn tryied 2 ride the lil bike and I'm not joking when I say teh whole fair turned 2 look @ her hahaha. ok neways. Lynn calls me "mini-me" apparently. haha. Then Brian drove me home and I nearly flipped when I figured out how much homework I accumulated. So I did a crappy job on my homework cuz I was soo incredibly tired.

    Monday:School fun CW - presented my life map, "Excuse me, Ms. Jimenez," Physics Kait got into a fight and proved Dr. Sass wrong, OMG I love her not. Someone actually shut him up, thanx. ok that and Jesse quit the play so we got this new kid who sounds really nasily and like can't read, maybe b/c he just got the script but wutever. yea so that's it


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