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caitlin (cait_e_coo) wrote,
@ 2003-11-29 05:01:00
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    hmm today wasnt all that special...i woke up at like 9:45....waaaay too early! just stayed around the house...thank God brian is here...hes the only one in my house i can stand! i guess my family isnt that bad when u think about it...whatever...last night was so nice...i came upstairs n saw my phone had a few missed of which from allyson pereira! i checked my voice mail...n she left a message so i called her back...her n laura were at durfee homecomming..=0) so nice of them to was great talking to them....i miss them a lot...girls connolly isnt the same without you there,..i love you!!...we need to get! ...i miss you!....... Oh yeah n today we tagged a christmas tree....its boring....i used to love doing it..but was boring...until i saw mr. awesome kid indeed....i love to call him so him n his sister look alike....well anyhoo i told him to tell leigha i said "hi"...cuz she is a cool kid cute....i miss well ill see her be clara...hell yes....and a few other kids ill get to excited...i actually get to watch this tomarrow...i dunno the plans yet...i might go to the mall..with some people...whatever lol im not too sure what i wanna do are out right now for a few hours...wooohoo...time to im outie =0)

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