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Jessica (cage_of_mind) wrote,
@ 2003-04-19 15:05:00
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    Current mood: determined

    A long day...
    Today is Saterday, and a very lond and dragging saterday for reasons i will keep to myself right now. Its not something I am proud off. but if im going to go over the edge i might as well get a good outcome from it. It kind of makes monday come faster now that something else is on my mind. I can't wait for monday because im going to tell a guy that i like that well, i like him lol. Anyway it is nice that for once he isnt the only thing on my mind. Drives me crazy wondering if he likes me or not.

    Right now i am watching Love and Sex. Its a GREAT movie and always gives me hope. I want to find a guy like that... and i just might have. But off that lol. My mom wants to go shopping, so i think i might get dressed and go with her. I want to get out of the house.

    lol, to celebrate gods little artistic choices. that is a great way to look at your flaws. Of course if you dont believe in god, then you can sub that in with whatever. its a line from the movie i am watching :) I dont know what the longest kiss i have ever had is... I have never had a true kiss. Yeah i have kissed before... many times actually, but there wasnt that something. Never what i dreamed it would be. I would kiss, and instead of thinking... wow. i would think... oh ok so now im kissing him... lol a lot of the time i would think about something on tv, or whatever was on my mind. I even tried to make the kiss better, but yeah it didnt work. I want a kiss where my mind just goes blank. Everything around me gets dizzy, except for us. The only think i know at that moment is the feel of his lips on mine, and his hands on me..........Some Day..........

    Anyway if i want to go to the store then i need to get dresses, so im going to go now.

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