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C0untryGrL53 (c0untrygrl53) wrote,
@ 2003-07-10 00:58:00
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    Current mood: relieved
    Current music:The Used - Taste of Ink

    The GooD and ThE baaaaD
    o lord tonight was started out GREAT my friend chase and i pranked my brother so bad, it would take forever for me to explain because id be laughin too much so haha u can put ur imaginations to good use. Then i talked to ian for about an hour bout EVERYTHING that was on my mind and it felt sooohoo GOOD to talk we got through everything and i felt GREAT...until i learned that my mom was standing right outside the door. and i was talkin bout my mom with ian for a lil bit and how she's too nosy and i was critisizing her in ways the i would rather DIE than her hear...and of course she heard. I felt HORRIBLE and she slammed the door on me and i think she was cryin a lil bit so i didnt know what to do and i was still on the phone with ian so i started SOBBING like literally i couldnt breathe i was crying so hard and i told ian i had to go and my mom and i had a long talk about stuff and more stuff and it was good but i had to tell her a lot of things about ian and i that im not sure i woulda wanted to tell her! so i dunno if i feel good or bad right now, i feel good cuz the thing with my mom ended in laughter and hugs and im SO relieved about that...i love my mom more than life itself u will never have a greater friend than your mom girls!! haha well i best be gettin off to bed now I LOVE MY MOMMY and good night everyone *muah* lyl!


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