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C0untryGrL53 (c0untrygrl53) wrote,
@ 2003-07-09 13:59:00
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    Current mood: busy
    Current music:Franky Perez - Something Crazy

    Sooooho not ready...
    HeY guYs~!! Yeh this week has gotten off to a good start! On monday i went with Ian to the mall, it was lots of fun i bought a shirt and a pair of jeans. Then last night i went with my friends Laura and Mickey to swim & scripture again, it was AWESOME but also sad cuz its probably the last one i can go to of the summer! Ive started to pack for camp, my clothes are all in their lil rollie drawer things and sandy and i are going shoppin in about a half hour for more stuff to bring. ITS GOING TO BE AWESOME! i talked to a lot of camp people last night, sounds like they're ready to go and have fun!! Its going to be great seing old faces and meeting new people!! Everyone who doesnt go to a summer camp you guys miss out on a lot of stuff! Im bringing my guitar to camp like i did last year, i was okay at playing it last year but i havent really learned a whole lot since then! i hope people dont expect me to be like Dave Matthews or nething...i can play some dashboard confessionals i know becca will like that haha and some green day weezer stuff like that i should learn how to play john mayer cuz i expect to get a lot of requests of him. Does anyone have some good acoustic song suggestions??? if u do tell me i need to learn some new stuff some im not playing the same crap over and over again to the point where people in my cabin would rather DIE than listen to 'good riddance' one more time....hehe ill take some pictures while im there and put them in my profile so you all can see them...this is going to be sooo much fun!! IM READY!! oo...but the only thing im NOT ready for is....SCHOOL! AHH! i don wanna go back! im glad that i still have camp to look forward to but right when i get home its 2 weeks til school which totally sucks balls...the only thing i like about school is gettin the supplies, thats the funnest thing in the world i dunno y but it is! But im still not ready for school at all :'( o well i guess ill just have to buck up or wtvr they call it...ill be fine. I dunno whether to do home-ec or tennis for the first semester...sports or girl stuff i can decide but neways if anyone has an acoustic song TELL ME please so that i can learn it! Ok well i gotta go soon to shop with mah sandy so i will update this tomorrow. Bye Guys!

    xoxoxoxo - sara

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