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ll x ll bytch.goddess ll x ll (bytchgoddess) wrote,
@ 2003-09-07 02:14:00
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    Current mood: angry
    Current music:98 Degrees (I Do) that right? lol

    ..pissed at the world...
    ok, me and chris have only been goin out for like 4 months, doesnt seem like alot, but it is. anyways, hes in nevada right now and i'm so lonely. i dunno what to think, i havent talked to the a**hole in like 3 weeks..but whatever, he better be here for my b-day oct 4th!! only a lil time left to get me presents! celly hasnt rang in like 4 weeks, other than my mom n stuff callin me lol...hey, saves me money, but in the same way, blows my minutes na mean?!! lol...damn i dont know what the hell to write in these things..its my 1st time! man it felt good to leave work friday night at 4..woohoo...feels like sunday but its only sat night! ha..anyways..damn i'm cravin some long john's, whatever. they aint even open! i think 1 day, imma own 1...nah, we might go outta business cuz i'd be eatin all tha chiken! lol..anyways..i gotta brush my hair and my damn feet are asleep so holla my fellow bytches!!

    i want peanut butter n jelly..

    your shit.

    What swear word are you?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    "what up gangsta"

    which 5o cent SONG are you?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    lol, got these from melissa's journal..

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