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__BABYGERL__ (buttrfly_kissez) wrote,
@ 2004-06-06 16:28:00
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    Current mood:b0red, tiRed, bLaHhHhHhHhh !!!
    Current music:the wAy *' cLay AikEn

    uGh i hAtE sundAyz . .
    + toDayz reLe bOrin, i hAte suNdAyz .. i diDnt dO nuN tOdai - i taLked tO aLi on tha fOne fOr a liL lol . . n den he haDda gO shOweR, sO i juS sat on tha cOmp. lyk i aLwayz dO lOl .. welL iMa tAke a suRvey . . heRe it gOezz

    +: MeE :+
    Name ::: CaitlyN
    Nickname(s) ::: cait; caity; bl0ndie or barbie haha
    Age ::: 16
    Birthdate ::: jaN 5
    Time you were born ::: no fuCkin idea . .
    Height ::: 5'3 or 5'4 ? i fOrget
    Current hair color ::: bl0nde
    Natural hair color ::: light br0wn w/ lil bl0nde
    Eye color ::: blue greeN
    School ::: JMHS

    +: Favorites :+
    Color? ::: blue, pink, silver, black + red
    Food? ::: mmm . . pizza i gueSs ? ?
    Drink? ::: rOotbeEr, bawLz, cReaM s0da
    Tv Show? ::: pimp my riDe
    Movie? ::: texas chainsaw masacRe
    Actor? ::: paul walker !!!!
    Actress? ::: jennifeR l0pez
    Comedian? ::: adaM saNdLeR
    Cartoon? ::: hmm .. as t0ld by gingeR ! r0fl . i neva c dat nem0re
    Animal? ::: kangar0oz, d0gz, catz, + h0rsez :]
    Place to be? ::: beach !!
    Flower? ::: r0se
    Game? ::: tha ? gaMe [ lma0 nikki ! ]
    Childhood toy? ::: baRbiez !! haha

    +: Friends :+
    Best friend(s) ::: nikki + nic0le
    Funniest ::: DEVIN
    Serious ::: idk?
    Shyest ::: n0ne 0f us l0l
    Outgoing ::: brand0n :]
    Nicest ::: sAraH !! + dOm =]
    Meanest ::: aLi - even th0 he seyz he jKin lma0
    Dorkiest ::: pr0lly me
    Has the most blonde moments ::: all 0f us
    Trustworthy ::: nikki + nic0le. . .
    Weirdest ::: jaimie
    Who has the best personality ::: my cuz jen !
    Who has the best eyes ::: me? i d0nt kn0? l0l
    Who has the best hair ::: uhh .. n0t sure?
    Who can always cheer you up no matter what ::: nic0le + nikki
    Who do you always seem to argue with ::: rOb - rOfL
    Always there ::: nic0le + nikKi
    Known the longest ::: britt O + nic0le
    Spend the most time with ::: nikki + nic0le

    +: Love :+
    Do you have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend? ::: nO, single f0r 7m0nths =[
    If not do you have a Crush? ::: th0ught i did, but whatever.
    Why do you like them? ::: pers0nality - funny - gOodloOkin
    Have you ever been in love? ::: n0pe.
    Who was your first love? ::: havent been in l0ve.. [ 0nly bf - - zaCk ]
    If you havent do you think you'll ever fall in love? ::: at the rate im g0in - n0
    Whats the farthest you've gone? ::: n0 c0mment =]
    Ever been dumped? ::: n0
    Ever dumped someone? ::: yeaH
    What matters most to you Personality or Looks? ::: b0th
    Whats an absolute must? ::: pers0nality, eyes, b0dy'z g0od t0o !
    Whats the longest you've ever been with someone? ::: 3 m0nthz [ 0n + 0ff ]
    Whats the shortest? ::: 3 dayz

    +: Last... :+
    Drink consumed? ::: 0range juiCe
    Food consumed? ::: maC + chEeSe
    Person you talked to? ::: dOm =]
    Person you were thinking of? ::: d0m, cuz im talkin t0 him l0l
    Crush? ::: maLiek - psh..
    Ex? ::: zack
    Person you kissed? ::: zack
    Person you hugged? ::: zack - yeSterday l0l
    Person you got in a fight with? ::: rOb dunO
    Phone call? ::: dOm
    Dream? ::: d0nt rememeber.
    Nightmare? ::: ^ ditt0
    Song you listened to? ::: trade it alL
    Person you IMed? ::: i have my aM uP, but iM taLkin t0 d0m 0n yah0o
    You laughed? ::: earLier bef0re
    Time you were nice? ::: d0nt remember.

    +: Current... :+
    Clothing? ::: black shirt, n grey sh0rtz
    Song you're listening to? ::: thr0wback, usher
    Person you're talking to? ::: dOm =]
    Annoyance? ::: thinkin 0f my singLe-neSs >=[
    Thing that made you happy? ::: i`m neva happy =/
    Favorite Thing? ::: mi cellf0ne + c0mputer
    Favorite Person(s)? ::: eminem, chingy, nikki, nic0le, my cuz', + friendz..
    Favorite Song? ::: freek a leek - uh duh !
    Favorite Movie? ::: texas chainsaw masacre? l0ve d0nt c0st a thing
    Longing? ::: say whAt ?
    Obsession? ::: n0thing!
    Thing you're thinking of? ::: writing thiz survey

    +: Associate these Words with your friends :+
    Boo ::: J0EY ! [ ex - friend ]
    Woosh ::: nic0le ? i d0nt kn0w why?
    Blue ::: my fav c0l0r
    Music ::: nikki + me singin haha
    Real ::: nikki + nic0le
    Dark ::: ? ?
    Sing ::: nikki + me
    Skateboard ::: stec + edley l0l dunn0 y?
    Guitar ::: ? ?
    Drums ::: ? ?
    Lost ::: ME
    Sin ::: CHEATERS.
    Kiss ::: ME !!
    Car ::: celicA
    Computer ::: me
    Video Games ::: my br0ther
    Whisper ::: ? ? dun0
    Phone ::: celly
    Hair ::: i hate mine
    Bracelet ::: nic0le'z
    Ice ::: maLiek
    Sleep ::: i need s0me
    Little ::: ? ! ?
    Death ::: my step gMa
    Knife ::: nikki - but a PEN lmao rem. in 0uterbankz haha
    Happy ::: nic0le w/ devin aww
    Bounce ::: wit me
    Red ::: ? ! ?
    Boy ::: crazii
    Girl ::: nikki + nic0le
    Sock ::: feEt
    Picture ::: peRfect
    Green ::: weEd
    Food ::: ice cream
    Contest ::: stAring - l0l nic0le
    Short ::: ME
    Tall ::: nic0le
    White ::: mE

    +: Have you ever... :+
    Done drugs? ::: n0pe
    Smoked? ::: n0
    Got drunk? ::: n0 silly, thatz bad f0r y0u
    Had sex? ::: MARYs f0r life lma0
    Been arrested? ::: alm0st .. jeN the c0pz haha + the fr0g
    Been caught doing: alwayz get caught . .
    Stole? ::: yea. .
    Been afraid to tell someone something then regretted it later? ::: pr0lly .. i f0rget th0
    Not liked a band cause it reminded you of someone you didnt like? ::: yeaH .. niCkLebaCk !! haha s0meday
    Fallen for you best friend? ::: n0pe
    Eaten so much you wanted to puke? ::: yeaH, i aLwayz eAt
    Done something completely stupid in front of someone you liked? ::: i aLwayz d0 thAt >=[
    Cussed at a teacher? ::: d0nt remember.. d0nt think s0 ?
    Cut class? ::: leFt claSs eaRly s0 i c0uld g0t0 nic0le + nikkiz lunch lma0
    Lied to your friends just because? ::: n0 . . d0nt think s0
    Gone out with someone cause you felt bad for them? ::: n0
    TP'd someone's house? ::: pr0lly .. if it waz wit ne0ne it wuLd be jeSsica !
    Egged someone's house? ::: jeSsicA ^^ haha if ne0ne .. i dun rememebr
    Egged someone? ::: n0o l0l
    Got into a fist fight and lost? ::: n0pe
    Got into a fist fight and won? ::: n0pe
    Wished you were never born? ::: yeS
    That you had never met someone? ::: yea, the ciRcLe [ sumtimez ]
    Wondered what it'd be like to be one of your friends? ::: yea
    Wanted to be one of your friends? ::: yeaH.. but we weR made wh0 we r f0r a res0n =/
    Tried to kill youself? ::: n0, wanted t0 - but n0 im n0t a physc0 like j0ey thinkz
    Pretended to like or not like something just to be cool? ::: lma0 n0?

    +: Randomness :+
    Do you think Colin Farrell is hot? ::: wh0 the fuCk is he?
    Do you like Penguins? ::: yeah !! they r s0 cute
    What kinda pizza do you like? ::: plain
    Doesnt pepsi taste weird? ::: yes, c0ke is better - nikki i CAN taste the difference lma0
    Do you like pulp in your orange juice? ::: yeA, 0j iz tha beSt
    What are your thoughts on Waffles? ::: grEat w. syRup + butteR
    Do you like Fresh Choice? ::: wh0, whAt ? lma0
    Did you think this was pretty long? ::: yeaH . . but im b0red
    Didja like it? ::: yes, 0h s0 much
    Are you bored right now? ::: uh dUh
    Is your butt numb from sitting for so long? ::: yeah! r0fl
    Do you have posters/pictures on your walls? ::: yeS, eMineM - hez s0 g0rge0uz
    Of what? ::: EMiNEM !!
    Do you like the Deftones? ::: uh ... surE?
    Why or why not? ::: i dun0 wut it is. .
    Do you use chapstick? ::: yeA
    Do you like the color blue? ::: yeSs
    Do you think Ozzy is over rated with the whole prince of darkness crap?: d0nt giv a shit
    Can you drive? ::: yeaH, perMit
    Do you like Tacos? ::: s0ft shelLeD wit chiken+ chEeSe
    Do you like taking pictures? ::: yeah
    Isnt Yoda (from star wars) Hardcore? ::: uMm .. suRe?
    Who do you think is the hottest famous person alive? ::: eMineM, pauL waLkeR, + chiNgy.. oO n luda
    Who do you think is the hottest: pauL waLkeR
    Have you ever been on a plane? ::: n0h
    Do sharks scare you? ::: yes, my biggeSt feAr
    What about spiders? ::: yeaH, 2nd biggeSt lma0
    What'cha think about Porn? ::: stupid, n s0 is the circLe lma0
    Describe your room ::: ugly, stupid, b0ring, small, filled with eminem<3
    Describe your friends ::: crazy, c0ol, i l0ve em t0 death<3
    Are you tired yet? ::: n0 .. jus b0red
    Did you wet the bed when you were little? ::: n0. . .
    What about eat paste? ::: wdf n0 ..
    Were you the smelly kid in the class? ::: n0 lma0 . .
    Or the one that was too busy picking his nose to notice anything? ::: lma0 ew.. n0
    Do you like candles? ::: tha 0nez tha smell purdie yeaH
    Isnt the Disney Channel the coolest channel ever?! ::: yeaH def. iz
    Ever seen Resident Evil? ::: n0pe
    What'd you think? ::: dun0
    What do you think about eyeliner? ::: i l0ve it, i aLwayz weAr it
    Can you skateboard? ::: n0 l0l
    Ever play in the snow? ::: yeS !!
    Ever pee in the sn0w ::: lma0 n0
    Confess one thing right now for everyone to know ::: i HATE guys . . haha
    Do you like scary movies? ::: yeaH

    w0o thatz the eNd !! finalLy lma0 .. well im b0red, + tiRed s0 peace xOx <3


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