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Kimmy (buttfloss) wrote,
@ 2003-03-08 12:20:00
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    Current mood:hyper
    Current music:My Daddy's Music

    Hungry-ness :P.
    Last night was cool. My mom picked me up from school & we went to the mall. I got some MAC powder & my mommy got some make-up. She took me home & she went back to work. I rested some because I was SOOO tired. I got in the shower & started to get ready around 3:30. Shawn came & picked me up at 4 & we had to run some errands. We finally met up with Kevin & Galiza around 6. They were already at the beach with our pit, so we started the fire because it was absolutely freezing! There was a restaurant about 100 feet from our pit, so the two guys went & got me and Galiza some food. They came back with four things of clam chowder, some bread, some bufalo wings & some water. It was sooo good. We all just ate it by the fire & everything :). We started and made some s'mores and just laughed and everything. We left around 9, and Shawn brough me right home. I even fell asleep in the car on the way to my dad's. I was really tired. I fell asleep right when I got home. Today, Im hanging out with Courtney. She has work around 6 so she'll drop me off back at my dad's by like, 5. She should be here by 1 so I need to start getting ready. While Im with Courtney, Shawn's gonna go hang out with Kevin & then after Courtney drops me off, Shawn & I are gonna spend some time together <3. Yayyy :). Anyways, I have to get in the shower now. So I hope everyone has a good Saturday. Bye!

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