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Emily does not... (butterfliesfly) wrote,
@ 2004-09-02 19:46:00
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    Current mood:jealous
    Current music:The symphony of lawn mowers and dogs outside

    Ahh! Teenage drama!!!
    I miss Myles, a lot. I liked being his girlfriend, or 'dateing' him... whatever you choose call it. It bothers me so much that I never had a chance. Not one time did I see him when we were officially dateing. After all those years of likeing him, and when I finially get the chance to go out with him, it just gets taken away.

    Matt is right there is nothing I can do, and I should give up. After all, he still is my best friend. Which is cool because most people aren't lucky enough to be friends after they go out. This all sucks because "just giving up" goes against what I believe in. Usually if I like someone or something I work hard to get it. Just remembering how good it feels to finially get that something, or be with that person is way too much to just give up. So why after knowing how happy I was with Myles, would I just give up? I know this may seem like pointless drama to you.. And I might be annoying people with this, but if I need to say something I will.

    And I really hope I am not sounding like a stalker or anything. l0l I am not going to get to the point where I hire a spy to watch Myles' every move. That's just creepy.

    But if anyone reading this went through a similar problem, please leave me some advice because I really don't want to kill such a good friendship..

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