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Professor-rat (buttdarling) wrote,
@ 2012-07-10 23:54:00
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    Rain without thunder and lightning

    Cool Hand Leak

    WL darknet
    Craigslist has dumped its adult services section - this is great news for any darknet distro of WL. Porn is a natural fit for any underground rebel alliance worthy of the name. And if yr not rebels then piss off. The world needs more posing preening and posturing ' revolutionaries' like a hole in the ocean floor.
    I gather WL is conflicted between wanting to be some new ' Woodward and Berstein' and wanting to be crypto-anarchist revolutionaries. Well make up yr fucking minds will you please. We need a Freenet with the balls to protect itself against any fucking attack from any fucking quadrant. We need a rebel alliance. We need full spectrum resistance so give us yr answer here!

    Friday, September 10th, 2010

    In answer to the rhetorical question of when will you noisy civil-righters ever be satisfied, King thundered out a lightening string of 'nevers'
    " Never as long as police brutality, disenfranchisement, housing and lodging discrimination, ghettoization and routine attacks on black self esteem exist and spread".
    " Never", he shouted quoting the prophet Amos till"...Justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream..."
    " Should unjust conditions for anarchists prevail the call for them to be non-violent is a demand for them to submit to injustice. Nothing in the theory of non-violence counsels this suicidal course."

    Martin Luther King on non-violence and it's inextricable link with justice.( he may have mentioned Negro's there, not anarchists, my bad.)

    Martin Luther King jnr also described " AGGRESSIVE non-violence, MASSIVE non-violence and non-violent SABOTAGE " this post 1967 King also spoke of the new campaigns " DISRUPTIVE DIMENSIONS."

    Only such campaigns would be "POWERFUL" and "DRAMATIC" enough to bring essential change.

    " Non-violence must be adapted to urban conditions and urban moods. Non-violent protest must now mature to a new level, to correspond to heightened black impatience and stiffened white resistance.
    This new high level is MASS CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE. There must be more than a statement to the larger society, there must be a force that interrupts its functioning at some key dislocate the functioning of a city without destroying it can be more effective than a riot because it can be longer lasting, costly to the larger society, but not wantonly destructive.
    It is a device of of social action that is more difficult for a government to quell by superior is militant and defiant not destructive."
    Round this time MLK also said he wanted to "go for broke", was willing to accept longer jail time and said...
    " In a sense you could say we were engaged in the class struggle," and also called for ..." a redistribution of economic power. We are now making demands that will cost the nation are messing with folk then. Your messing with the captains of industry...and this all means that we're in dangerous waters because it really means that we're saying something's wrong with capitalism...there must be a better distribution of wealth and maybe America must move toward a democratic socialism."

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