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Professor-rat (buttdarling) wrote,
@ 2012-07-10 23:48:00
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    Mange related
    Assange-Taylor synchronicities - au is a small place

    Idyllic childhoods in rural localities. Problems with parenting on the paternal side. The odd LSD cult connection. ( Cult collected blonde children ) Many schools syndrome. I had five between 1960 - 1968 Then three more before giving up on high school at year four.
    ( I did win a commonwealth scholarship in 1970 and was elected class president, but was expelled that year ) At last try at high school at swinburne in 1976 I got an 'A' for an essay on ' Soldedad Brother'. Much later in the 1990's I won an aboricultural technicians certificate that included a travel tower operators licence and first aid certificate. Became interested in the net in the 1990's as physically work became harder from the age of 40 on. Travelled by motorbike to Cape Tribulation in 1998 for the winter. Received a parking ticket at Townsville on return journey. I suspect that for those looking to play up the agenda angle for both Julian and me...and a lot of other hacker types, the action is the juice, as they say in the classics.
    Ars gratia artis, so shove that up yr arse and smoke it. Art for arts sake - money for fucks sake.

    My older brother was born in Qld and there's a family story of how a giant carpet snake was once found in his room. Another story has my dad threatened by a giant grouper as he swam to a boat they were living on for a while near Mackay. I must have been con in or near Mackay Qld in 1954. Mackay is an hour or so drive south from Townsville. When I was ten our boat stopped in Brisbane on its way to Athens. I then went through Townsville twice in the 1970's hitching from Darwin to just north of Cairns and then down to Brisbane in 1975. One lift in a mini nearly killed me as the driver went to sleep and we rolled a few times. I bought my second car in Brisbane and drove it home to Vic. I was soon back in Qld a couple of times on climbing trips and put up a climb on Frog Butress called ' Holy Grail'. That Monty Python movie had just come out then and it included a brief shot looking up at another climbing area at Mt Buffalo in Vic. Qld has granite climbing and there are also the Glasshouse mountains. I've climbed the pointy one. In 1998 I worked on a cattle station in Qld called Bulloo Downs. This allowed me to save enough to go to California and Canada in 1979. In 1998 I bought a boogie-board from a store in Rockhampton. I still have it and use it nearly every summer.

    '...the clouds spill across the sky, in random formation, yes, but also non-random, standing in uniform spikes or rolling in regularly furrowed patterns like brain matter. On a stormy afternoon, when the sky shimmers and trembles with the electricity to come, the clouds stand out from thirty miles away, filtering the light and reflecting it until the whole sky starts to seem like a spectacle staged as a subtle reproach to physicists.
    Clouds represented a side of nature that the mainstream of physics had passed by, a side that was, at once fuzzy and detailed, structured and unpredictable...' - From ' Chaos', by James Gleick
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    Jury Astranged
    What are we supposed to use? Harsh language?

    Assange called on his supporters to “protect my work and my people” from attacks from governments and corporations.

    It would be useful to APster for JA to make a statement approving appropriate retaliation in kind to all attacks from governments and corporations. There's no reason for us to fight with one arm tied behind our backs.

    Self defence is a legal defence against any murder charge so long as its broadly responsive and broadly proportionate to the attack or the perceived attack. Just war theory is based on this so it is the 'supreme crime' to wage aggressive war.

    “We now know that Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and others are instruments of US foreign policy. It’s not something we knew before,” Assange said in a statement likely to add new impetus to the spate of cyber attacks being perpetrated by Anonymous in support of WikiLeaks.

    That is good reconnaisance intelligence - ' many died to bring us this information' ( Star Wars*)
    But again - we're not facing an opponent who respects the Marquis of Queensbury rulebook. More like ' Rules in a knife-fight' actually. ( Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid )

    But all the good intel in the world won't help us if we don't have a broad consensus on the rules of engagement.
    This means WL stops being pusinamillous about tactics and embraces diversity-of-tactics doctrine. DoT means acceptance of propaganda-of-the-deed for those willing to use it. DoT means heavy DDoS campaigns and sustained DDoS campaigns and ' Total War' DDoS campaigns ( Like the night we called it a day for Frank Sinatra )
    Boycots and disinvestments combined with all forms of electronic excommunications we can manage.
    Finally PoD means APster. Online markets dedicated to gaming the future career paths of those who would attack us without just cause. Assassination politics. You can't ask people to make revolutions half way Julian.

    Most of this revolution will be like most revolutions of the last 60 plus years and be overwhelmingly non-violent. However the ambit claim must always remain in the background and that means a certain amount of controlled violence. As Oliver Tambo said, ' Those who would make peaceful change impossible make violent change inevitable'. And the SA revolution remains a benchmark. It took mostly peaceful ways and means but it also took a little controlled violence once the state attacked the people with murderous intent.

    These big corporates are huge - some of them bigger than many states. We can't wish them out of existance.

    The model for this global revolution remains the best and biggest one from out of the past. Spain 1936, when most of the country was in an anarchic state. The model we must seek will have the best and widest recognitions of everybodys human and civil rights from the best of the representative democratic socialist stage of the last 100 years. And we can build on that because we will have a much more direct democracy with federations - anarchism.
    Anarchism for want of a better word is good. Anarchism works. Anarchism in all its forms, especially all its networked forms, cuts through clarifies and captures the essence of the rapid evolution spirit.

    Julian you know all this from your past. Unless you've forgotten yourself then anarchism is a large part of who you are. Of your identity. If you are not up to snuff then you have to step aside. Give us your answer here.

    If you have somehow not learned anarchism over the last 20 odd years then you are criminally negligent.

    If you have learned it and now want to distance yourself for whatever reason while preening, posing and posturing as some sort of alternative then you are simply a criminal fraud on the public. Another Bernie Madoff.

    Julian you know all this from your past. Unless you've forgotten yourself then anarchism is a large part of who you are. Of your identity. If you are not up to snuff then you have to step aside. Give us your answer here.
    Don't be a incestuous skywanker prince. Join the rats of steel in the desert world of Dune.

    * I note that in the synopsis for the Little Ponce there is a quote about seeing the truth with your heart.
    I'm sure Campbell's kingdom would approve of that. 'Here place this over yr eyes - use the force Luke'.
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    Below the belt
    Below the belt

    I remember the ‘reaction’ to the Ellsberg/Pentagon Papers event. Ellsberg was charged with “having sex with his wife in front of their children.” Aside from that outright lie, how curious it is that the weapon of choice to ‘down’ a whistle-blower-type is to charge him with sexual misconduct. I say ‘curious’ because of the rampant sexual ‘misconduct’ among our seated politicians, a reality that may as well be a fiction when it comes to bringing any of them ‘down.’ We really are living in an Alice-in-Wonderland world.

    Ratfucked - swiftboated and slamdunked - like the guy with the 13 yo in NY state and the Wilsons. Hell - like Bill and Monica. Its best to die with yr boots on.

    Assange’s greatest crime ?

    Pulling the sheets back and revealing that the US government is in bed with large corporations that have been raping the rest of the planet while calling itself a democracy.

    Thats the real obscenity !

    “taken at its word, the Espionage Act makes felons of us all.”

    I think it’s time for an ‘I am Spartacus’ moment. Any of us with websites should post at least one of the leaked cables as published by the NYT, or one of the other MSM outlets, and demand that the DOJ indict us for treason.

    A few tens of thousands of us showing solidarity (while simply quoting something from a newspaper) may send a suitable message.
    Don’t cancel your Visa or Mastercard. Hopefully, like I do, you have a “No Fee For Life” type card.
    Pay off your credit card and then use the H3ll out of it every month, paying off the balance at the end of the month. No interest is ever accrued and it actually costs the card company money – they hate that.

    TIME for a change of media - The man behind WikiLeaks has won the most votes in this year's Person of the Year poll.
    Readers voted a total of 1,249,425 times, and the favorite was clear. Julian Assange raked in 382,020 votes, giving him an easy first place. He was 148,383 votes over the silver medalist, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister of Turkey.
    Time that TIME shut up shop with their last ever issue featuring an all WL issue cover-to-cover. Yeah baby yeah.

    Julian Assange
    Recep Tayyip Erdogan
    Lady Gaga
    Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert
    Glenn Beck
    Barack Obama
    Steve Jobs
    The Chilean Miners
    The Unemployed American
    Mark Zuckerberg

    What the WikiLeaks documents show
    According to the WikiLeaks documents posted by El País newspaper, former US ambassador in Madrid Eduardo Aguirre wrote in May 2007 that “while we are careful to show our respect for the tragic death of Couso and for the independence of the Spanish judicial system, behind the scenes we have fought tooth and nail to make the charges disappear.”

    A month later, according to the documents, Mr. Aguirre told former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that the Spanish government “has been helpful behind the scenes in getting the case appealed.”

    Then in July 2007 another confidential embassy report summarized a lunch meeting between Aguirre and Attorney General Conde-Pumpido in which the Spanish official “said that he continues to do what he can to get the case dismissed, despite public pressure from the family, leftist group, and the press,” according to Aguirre.

    The latest complaint from the family, filed at the Attorney General's office, asks that US diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks be used as evidence that Spanish officials conspired to unduly influence prosecutors to dismiss the case. The accused include former Foreign Affairs Minister Miguel Ángel Moratinos, former Justice Minister Juan Fernando López Aguilar, Attorney General Cándido Conde-Pumpido, and National Court Chief Prosecutor Javier Zaragoza.

    “The fundamental goal is to stop government meddling,” says Enrique Santiago, the Couso family's lawyer. “The family could have filed this with the courts directly, but it wanted to make sure that the rule of law still exists.” The Attorney General’s Office did not return calls for comment.

    US meddling?
    “It’s certainly going to increase the pressure on the government to play it straight,” says Reed Brody, a Brussels-based lawyer for Human Rights Watch. “The implication that top Spanish officials did bidding for the US is very damaging and I think even without the lawsuit it may cause them to try to rectify [the situation].”

    “Those of us who are pushing the Obama administration to undertake serious investigations were always hoping that Spanish cases would cause the US to act,” Mr. Brody says. “Nobody expects [former Defense Secretary] Donald Rumsfeld in a court in Madrid, but it would be beneficial if these processes led to... answered questions at home.”

    The Pentagon has publicly apologized for the deaths but found US troops acted within rules of engagement in the Palestine Hotel attack. US forces trying to capture Baghdad came under heavy sniper and rocket propelled grenade fire that day and intelligence suggested that a “spotter” was directing fire against US troops from the hotel, the US investigation said.

    However, multiple journalists' accounts disagreed. Reporters on the scene said there was no fire coming from the hotel and that the location was a known refuge for foreign media. An investigation into the attack led by the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists concluded that while the attack “was not deliberate, it could have been avoided and may have been caused by a breakdown in communication within the US Army chain of command.”

    “The most disturbing thing of the revelations," says Brody, "is that the US was bullying other countries, not just Spain, to try to get officials to interfere with the judiciary. The US has built a wall of immunity and impunity for acts related to Iraq and Afghanistan and now it’s trying to get impunity extended abroad."

    “It’s the first use of Wikileaks information in a court," he adds, "but I’m pretty sure it won’t be the last. It’s going to change the playing field.”

    And even if the collusion complaint doesn’t prosper, few doubt Spanish public opinion will be a lot more vigilant now over the broader Couso case. “Spanish people get upset with interferences on their courts,” Brody said. “Part of this case is to hammer away at that point, that Spain should not be a lackey and should let the courts do its work.”

    For Julian Assange posing as a journalist
    Well you tease and you flirt...and you shine all the buttons on yr green shirt.
    Bowing and squawking Running after titbits Bobbing and squinting
    Just like a nitwit.
    The masses of this neo-media - they come at you with a chequebook in one clawed fist and microphone in the other. I wanna make them wish they'd never seen me.
    You say I better listen to the voice of reason
    But you don't give me any choice 'cause you think that it's treason
    A simple game of self-respect
    You flick a switch and the world goes off
    Nobody jumps as you expect
    I would have thought you would have had enough by now
    You call selective dating
    For some effective mating
    I thought I'd let you down, dear
    But you were just deflating
    I knew right from the start
    We'd end up hating
    Pictures of the merchandise
    Plastered on the wall
    We can look so long as we don't have to talk at all

    You say you'll never know him
    He's an unnatural man
    He doesn't want your pleasure
    He wants as no one can
    He wants to know the names of
    All those he's better than

    I wanna bite the hand that feeds me
    I wanna bite that hand so badly
    I want to make them wish they'd never seen me

    Some grow just like their dads
    And some grow up too tall
    Some go drinking with the lads
    Some don't grow up at all

    And you must find the proper place
    For everything you see
    But you'll never get to make a lampshade out of me

    I could join a chain of males or be the missing (a) link
    Looking for a lucky girl to put me in her pink
    They pat some good boys on the back and put some to the rod
    But I never thought they'd put me in the

    News squad ....

    Mother, Father, I'm doing so well
    I'm making such progress now that you can hardly tell
    I fit in a little dedication
    With one eye on the clock
    They caught you under medication
    You could be in for a shock

    Thinking up the alibis that ev'ryone's forgotten
    Just another mummy's boy gone to rotten
    They pat some good boys on the back and put some to the rod
    But I never thought they'd put me in the

    News squad....

    There's so many people to see
    So many people you can check up on
    And add to your collection
    But they keep you hanging on
    Until you're well hung
    Your mouth is made up but your mind is undone

    I want your neck
    I want the seat that you sit at
    I want your cheque
    Because they told me I would get on
    I wanna chop off your head and watch it roll into the basket
    If you should drop dead tonight then they won't have to ask me twice


    They took me in the office and they told me very carefully
    The way that I could benefit from death and disability


    I want your company car
    I want your girlfriend and love
    I want your place at the bar
    Because there's always another man
    To chop off your head and watch it roll into the basket
    If you should drop dead tonight then they won't have to ask me twice

    You check her outline
    Break her regulations
    You watch her legs through several
    Service stations

    Busy bodies
    Very busy
    Getting nowhere
    Nowhere, nowhere, nowhere

    Now you're ready for the merger
    With the company you're part of
    And you do the dirty business
    With your latest sleeping partner

    You're becoming
    Busy bodies
    Out playing with the traffic

    You want attention
    You try my patience
    With the best intentions you are nothing but a nuisance

    Busy bodies
    Busy busy
    Getting nowhere
    Nowhere, nowhere, nowhere

    You've got a chemistry class I want a piece of your mind
    You don't know what you started when you mixed it up with mine
    Are you ready for the final solution? Oh. Oh.

    [They] chopped you up in butcher's school
    Threw you out of the academy of garbage
    You'll be a joker all your life
    A student at the comedy college
    People pleasing people pleasing people like you
    You've been around so long but you still don't know what to do

    Sparks are flying from electrical pylons
    Snakes and ladders running up and down her nylons
    Ready to experiment, you're ready to be burned
    If it wasn't for some accidents then some would never ever learn

    I get hit looking for a miss
    I never thought that it would come to this

    Moods for moderns [x4]

    Though we may never be the same again
    I am so proud that you've been taken in vain

    What if none of your dreams come true?
    I can never run from you
    There's never been a how d'you do
    There's never been an ending
    Soon you'll belong to someone else
    And I will be your stranger just pretending

    Moods for moderns
    Memory lingers
    I let you into
    Foreign fingers

    Moods for moderns [x4]

    I never thought that would see the day
    I never thought that I would give you away


    Moods for moderns
    Let them break us
    Strong and sudden
    Foreign fingers

    Don't start me talking
    I could talk all night
    My mind goes sleepwalking
    While I'm putting the world to right
    Called careers information
    Have you got yourself an occupation?

    There was a checkpoint Charlie
    He didn't crack a smile
    But it's no laughing party
    When you've been on the murder mile

    Only takes one itchy trigger
    One more widow, one less white nigger

    Hong Kong is up for grabs
    London is full of Arabs
    We could be in Palestine
    Overrun by a Chinese line
    With the boys from the Mersey and the Thames and the Tyne

    But there's no danger
    It's a professional career
    Though it could be arranged
    With just a word in Mr. Churchill's ear

    If you're out of luck or out of work
    We could send you to Johannesburg

    History repeats the old conceits
    The glib replies the same defeats
    Keep your finger on important issues
    With crocodile tears and a pocketful of tissues

    I'm just an oily slick
    In a windup world with a nervous tick
    In a very fashionable hovel
    I hang around dying to be tortured
    You'll never be alone in the bone orchard
    This battle with the bottle is nothing so novel

    So in this almost empty gin palace
    Through a two-way looking glass
    You see your Alice

    You know she has no SINS
    For all your jealousy
    In a sense she still smiles very sweetly

    Charged with insults and flattery
    Her body moves with malice
    Do you have to be so cruel to be callous

    And now you find you fit this identikit completely
    You say you have no secrets
    then leave discreetly

    I might make it California's fault
    Be locked in Geneva's deepest vault
    Just like the canals of Mars or the Great Barrier Reef
    I come to you beyond belief

    My hands were clammy and cunning
    She's been suitably stunning
    But I know there's not a hope in Hades
    All the laddies cat call and wolf whistle
    So-called gentlemen and ladies
    Dog fight like rose and thistle

    I've got a feeling
    I'm going to get a lot of grief
    Once this seemed so appealing
    Now I am beyond belief
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    The little ponce
    Shot with his own gun
    Now dad is keeping mum
    Shot with his own gun

    Now somebody has to pay for the one who got away

    What's on his mind now is anyone's guess
    Losing his touch with each caress
    Spending ev'ry evening looking so appealing
    He comes without warning
    Leaves without feeling

    Your eyes are absent, your mouth is silent;
    pumping like a fire hydrant.
    Things you see are getting hard to swallow.
    You're easily led, but you're much too scared to follow.

    You've been warned.
    You're going to get torn.
    No uniform is gonna keep you warm.

    Are you so superior, are you in such pain
    Are you made out of porcelain?
    When they made you they broke the cast
    Don't wanna be first, I just want to last

    The salty lips of the socialite sisters
    With their continental fingers that have
    never seen working blisters
    Oh I know they've got their problems
    I wish I was one of them
    They say daddy's coming home soon
    With his sergeant stripes and his Empire mug and spoon

    No more fast buck
    And when are they gonna learn their lesson
    When are they gonna stop all of these victory processions
    And you say...

    The teacher never told you anything but white lies
    But you never see the lies
    And you believe
    Oh you know you have been captured
    You feel so civilized
    And you look so pretty in your new lace sleeves

    What a good year for the roses
    Many blooms still linger there
    The lawn could stand another mowin'
    Funny I don't even care
    As you turn to walk away
    As the door behind you closes
    The only thing I have to say
    It's been a good year for the roses

    In the Arrivederci Roma nightclubbar and grill
    Standing in the fibreglass ruins watching time stand still
    All your troubles you confess
    to another faceless backless dress
    Schnapps chianti porter and ouzo
    Pernod vodka sambuca I love you so

    Tatty beauty talking in riddles
    Rome burns down everybody's on the fiddle
    Two thousand dollars for wife and some class
    A thousand years drowned in a chaser glass
    How I wish that she was mine
    I could have been a King in Six Eight Time
    Schnapps chianti porter and ouzo
    Pernod vodka sambuca I love you so

    It's a brittle charm but she's had enough
    Still she wrote her number on his paper cuff
    You don't know where to start or where to stop
    All this pillow talk is nothing more than talking shop

    When I came here tonight my pockets were overflowing
    They took my return ticket without me even knowing
    I pray to the saints and all the martyrs
    For the secret life of Frank Sinatra

    But none of these things have come to pass
    In America the law is a piece of ass
    I'm a deportee

    You take your place in this parade of pleas
    You dial a number and they offer relief
    All alone with just your own device
    They give you something and it isn't advice
    To break the hearts of a million listeners
    Start out as lovers and you end up as prisoners
    Somebody's suffering from the things that you do
    Somebody's suffering but you're glad it isn't you
    Put your fingertips up to the screen
    Repeat after me, wake at the count of three
    Now I don't know which is worse
    What they're doing to you or what you're doing to me
    Sour milk-cow blues

    its only a pretence either you can
    leave the past behind or give me something to disconnect my mind i sleep
    with my fists clenched tight when i dont lie awake all night i guess
    time gave up the ghost too late and the balance of our love very soon
    turns to hate darling your suspiciousness tortures me at night but i
    cant excuse the cruel words that i use whenever we fightgiving [sic] you
    more of what for always worked for me before now im a shabby doll whats
    going on behind the green elevator door with just a shabby doll theres a
    hit man facing a compomising [sic] situation with just a shabby doll and
    a very neat line in character assassination shes just a shabby doll shes
    just a shabby doll shes putting him off and putting you on shes just the
    shabby doll youre swearing upon you know in your heart shes gone you
    know in your heart shes just a shabby doll theres a girl in this dress
    theres always a girl in distress shes just a shabbyd doll shes so sure
    shes self possessed then again shes half undressed shes just a shabby
    doll the boy that i used to be showed no sign of sympathy with just a
    shabby doll i have betrayed you and me and paid for my own bribery with
    just a shabby doll hes the tired toy that everyone enjoyed he wants to
    be a fancy man but hes nothing but a nancy boy hes all pride and no joy
    and being what you might call a whore always worked for me before now im
    a shabby fdoll [ sic] untie the gag the cats out of the bag but wont
    show his claws hes just a shabby doll she said you must be joking some
    things are left unspoken youre just a shabby doll hes lying limp and
    soaking he was openly broken by just a shabby doll all the bedroom
    lights go out as the neighbourhood gets quiet everything in heaven and
    earth is almost right but theres a wife whos wondering where her husband
    could be tonight and when the phone rang only once she took a dreadful
    fright little things just seem to undermine her confidence in him he was
    late this time last week who can she turn to when the chance of
    coincidence is slim cos the baby isnt old enought to speak theres been a
    long honeymoon she thought too late and spoke too soon theres no money
    back guarantee on future happiness theres been a long honeymoon if hes
    out on a date then her lifes in ruins she never thought her love could
    ever be as strong as this all the movies and the papers feature the
    murders of lonely women if he isnt in by ten shell call up her best
    friend why doesnt he come home why does her friends phone keep on
    ringing maybe she should just pretend so this is where he came to hide
    when he ran from you in a private detectives overcoat and dirty dead
    mans shoes the pretty things of knightsbridge lying for a minister of
    state are a far cry from the nod and wink here at traitors gate cos the
    high heel he used to be has been ground down and he listens for the
    footsteps that would follow him around to murder my love is crime [sic]
    but wil l [sic] you still love a man out of time theres a tuppeny
    hapenny millionaire looking for a fourpenny one with a tight grip on the
    short hairs of the public imagination but for his private wife and kids
    real life becomes a rumour days of dutch courage just three french
    letters and a german sense of humour hes got a mind like a sewer and a
    heart like a fridge he stands to be insulted and he pays for the
    privilege the biggest wheels of industy [sic] retire sharp and short and
    the after dinner overtures are nothing but an after thought somebodys
    creeping in the kitchen theres a reputation to be made whose nerves are
    always on a knifes edge whos up late polishing the blade love is always
    scarpering or cowering or fawning you drink yourself insensitive and
    hate yourself in the morning almost blue almost doing things we used to
    do theres a girl here and shes almost you almost all the things that
    your eyes once promised i see in hers too hnow [sic] your eyes are red
    from crying almost blue flirting with this disaster became me it named
    me as the fool who only aimed to be almost blue its almost touching it
    will almost do theres a part of me thats always true always not all good
    things come to an end its only a chosen few ive seen such an unhappy
    couple almost me almost you almost blue you turn to the sinister when
    you get the boot sliding down the banister in your sunday suit lying on
    a slag heap of blankets and magazines shes only thiry five [sic] going
    on seventeen youd better roll over and go to sleep if you dont come
    clean and in every home there will be lots of time i will be all yours
    you might have been admired they say theyre very sorry but you are not
    desired o heaven preserve us because they dont deserve us holding your
    life in your hand with an artificial limp wrist and so a young blade
    becomes a has been looking for a new twist a year after the wedding he
    broke all their china plates hes in prison now shes running with his
    mates sees him every sunday and he asks her where shes been shes only
    thirty five going on seventeen shes going to cop a packet if he ever
    finds her inbetween [sic] the sheets
    dont get smart or sarcastic he snaps back just like elastic spare us the
    theatrics and the verbal gymnastics we break wise guys just like
    matchsticks what would the loved ones say your pride and joy is all
    blown up what would the loved ones say the bride and boy are barely
    grown up youre not my particular poisin [sic] ive got nothing against
    you myself you could have been a danger to the boys and girls now youre
    a danger to yourself o what would the loved ones say what would the
    loved ones say o what would the loved ones say what would the loved ones
    say the ugly little scenes run round your bed the ugly little dreams you
    get the needle and no thread they stitched you up this time they say
    youll do they bitch about your pretty face turning ugly on you the
    butcher the baker and the bassline maker say you can leave her i can
    take her you live your whole life like a minute or two later one day its
    going to end sooner than greater what would the loved ones say hell be
    remembered young and pretty what would the loved ones say now hes a hit
    in every city now theres a name well never forget theres one born
    everyminute [sic] dont pin a medal on me yet they might be waiting for
    you pps i love you ive been talking to the wall and its been answering
    me o darling how i miss you im just the mere shadow of my former
    selfishness i crave the silhouette of your kiss with only the blue light
    of the tv on lip reading threats and false alarms theres a boy somewhere
    holding hands with himself and a girl in a window on the reeperbain
    whenever i put my foot in my mouth you begin to doubt that its you
    imdreaming [sic] about do i have to draw you a diagram all i ever want
    is just to fall into your human hands with the kings and queens of the
    dance hall craze checkmate in three moves in your heyday but the girls
    dont listen to your line anymore now youre part of someone else on the
    factory floor and you still say wheres the action now you manufacture
    happiness and get sold for someones satisfaction all you toy soldiers
    and scaremongers are you living in this world sometimes i wonder in
    between saying youve seen too much and saying youve seen it all before
    tighter and tighter i hold you tightly you know i love you more than
    slightly although ive never said it like this before he saw no tears in
    her eyes say you wouldnt kid about it shes telling all of those lies she
    swore shed never told before but i doubt it so he bit his tongue and
    tried hard to capture his breath when she said i waited all my life for
    just a little death say you wouldnt kid about it say you wouldnt kid
    about it say you wouldnt kid about it sometimes he takes himself so
    seriously she makes her movements mysteriously slow fast or furiously
    its a big responsibility with a face full of mixed ability big dreams of
    elegance singing the leaving of liverpool and turning into americans so
    what if this is a mans world i want to be a kid again about it give me
    back my sadness i couldnt hide it even if i tried girl we fight so frail
    making love tooth and nail you gave me the kiss of my life i might even
    live to tell the tale i would have waited all my life just to make love
    out of something other than spite but the beauty is the beast youre
    baiting should really be worth the waiting you do something very special
    to mr average mnow [sic] the lamb lies with the lion hes just a little
    savage and so you turn your back on me and all the hot air that only
    ehoes stale tobacco actions speak louder than words by just a fraction
    whats the use of saying i love you whe im drinking to distraction we
    save our sanity by saying such and usch [sic] after all its been
    discussed you say you must be touched i feel like a boy with a problem i
    cant believe what weve forgotten and i even slapped your face and made
    you cry its the last thing i want to do pull the curtains on me and you
    pull the carpet from under love pull out like young lovers do you swore
    you wouldnt shout if its not your punch then its your pout days in
    silence try my temper nights spent drinking to remember how memories are
    always tender i crept out last night behind your back the little they
    know might be the pieces i lack came home drunk talking in circles the
    spirit is willing but i dont believe in miracles ive got a problem but
    lets go to bed i can roll over and i can play dead but here i am in the
    doghouse instead i feel like a boy with a problem i cant believe all
    youve forgotten sleeping with forgiveness in your heart for me theres a
    young girl with her old man whos too sick to mention shell be turning
    twenty seven as she draws her widows pension but he couldnt catch a
    common cold he couldnt get arrested too terrified to answer back too
    tired to have resisted many hands make light work shorthand makes life
    easy when hes out on night work make sure no one sees me it all ends up
    in a slanging match with body talk and bruises a change is better than a
    rest silly beggars cant be choosers one of a thousand pities you cant
    categorize there are ten commandments of love when will you realise
    there are ten commandments of love i believe i trust i promise i wish
    loves just a throw away kiss in this pidgin english if youre so wise
    used your lips and your eyes take it to the bridge she sighs you go
    cheep cheep cheep between bulleyes and bluster stiff as your poker face
    keener than mustard from your own back yard to the land of exotica from
    the truth society to neurotic erotica silence is golden money talks
    diamonds and ermine theres a word in spanish italian and german in sign
    language morse code semaphore and gibberish have you forgotten how to
    say it in your pidgin english ps i love you daddys best girl in the
    world is not supposed to have a boyfriend but shes never wanted at home
    other girls areallowed [sic] to wear their makeup she sneaks out her
    lipstick powder and comb she surrounds his name with hearts and flowers
    talks on the telephone for hours and hours but with the bird in his hand
    and two on a string the words of love have an imitation ring you little
    fool i suppose that your going to stay all night you little fool dont
    look at me that way you know it isnt right you little fool they say now
    [sic] news is good news the little girl wants information mother just
    gives her some pills to choose and says go use your imagination daddys
    best girl in the world says just look what i have got as she sits beside
    him on the high stool with his arm around her neck snowball in one hand
    and the other full of imitation jewels she fingers a string of pearls an
    imitation but hell never know imitation lashes flutter above looking for
    an imitation love im the town crier and everybody knows im just a little
    down with a litetime [sic] to go maybe you dont believe my heart is in
    the right place why dont you take a good look at my face other boys use
    the splendour of their trembling lip theyre so teddy bear tender and
    tragically hip im never going to cry again im going to be as strong as
    them they say theyd sdie [sic] for love and then they live it out theyll
    give you something to cry about and suddenly you really fall to pieces
    love and unhappiness yo [sic] arm in arm long suffering friends of your
    fatal charm isnt it a pity that youre going to get hurt just a little
    boy lost in a big mans shirt
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    Darkness at noon
    Enter Madam X painted in a shocking pink spangled dress
    Her teeth are perfect but her mouth is loose
    Rubbing their hands together she persuades them that it's better to confess
    Which unpleasant fate they'd like to choose
    Every step might be your last
    Money signs are in your eyes sucker
    You've been taken in this time
    You might just get out alive if you're lucky
    All the vultures tuning in to Glitter Gulch
    Are looking in on you
    And they're hungry

    he stood five feet tall in his elevator shoes and stovepipe hat
    He was known by several different names
    Prompted by Madam X he answered all their questions
    And then after that he said I'm sick and tired of stupid games
    We've got prizes if you can afford
    Some small humiliation before you get your reward
    And I'd rather be an outlaw than an inlaw to you
    And to live my life in miserable poverty
    Than to have to grovel to have some dream home hovel
    So watch me while I get away with prime time robbery

    As he enters Madam X he things of red raged faces and the sweet greenbacks
    He climbed upon his honey and he covered her with money
    As they do their victory dance
    He thinks I hope they choke upon their laughter tracks
    They can all go straight to hell while we howl down the whole hotel

    He thought he was the King of America
    Where they pour Coca Cola just like vintage wine
    Now I try hard not to become hysterical
    But I'm not sure if I am laughing or crying
    I wish that I could push a button
    And talk in the past and not the present tense
    And watch this hurtin' feeling disappear
    Like it was common sense
    It was a fine idea at the time
    Now it's a brilliant mistake

    She said that she was working for the ABC News
    It was as much of the alphabet as she knew how to use
    Her perfume was unspeakable
    It lingered in the air
    Like her artificial laughter
    Her mementos of affairs
    "Oh" I said "I see you know him"
    "Isn't that very fortunate for you"
    And she showed me his calling card
    He came third or fourth and there were more than one or two
    He was a fine idea at the time
    Now he's a brilliant mistake

    He thought he was the King of America
    But it was just a boulevard of broken dreams
    A trick they do with mirrors and with chemicals
    The words of love in whispers
    And the axe of love in screams
    I wish that I could push a button
    And talk in the past and not the present tense
    And watch this lovin' feeling disappear
    Like it was common sense
    I was a fine idea at the time
    Now I'm a brilliant mistake

    Thursday, December 16th, 2010

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