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Professor-rat (buttdarling) wrote,
@ 2011-03-24 11:23:00
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    Che is dead - Liz Taylor is dead
    And I don't feel very well myself. Still lets have a festivus of the repressed. Read this - the greatest story never told!

    Modern history was supposed to be about the rise of and final victory of the industrial working-class.
    Many die-hard kool-aid quaffing marxists still believe in this myth - and incredibly so do some anarchists.
    But what do we see in the actually existing record of revolutions...the peasantry, not the working class hero's. Russia, Mexico, Russia again, Makhnovista armies in the Ukraine. Then onto China, Spain and China again. Then on to Cuba and Vietnam. I'm sensing a pattern emerging...and it ain't the workers uber ain't the workers 'new world order' ( Marx documents 1844)
    Perhaps the workers declined this dubious offer of ruling class supremacy. If so then thats a great unknown victory for humanity. Industrial workers shouldn't lord it over the peasants - or anyone else. Ideas that they should are anti-social to the point of being misanthropic. Closely associated with this twisted notion of class domination and submission were the ones about concentration and centralization. This is poison to the peasant co-operative style. It means industrial armies of agriculture as spelled out in the Communist Manifesto. The way to balance the equation - the tension between cities and the countryside imo is to limit the size of union locals. You can still have 'One big union' or the CNT...just with no huge locals able to dominate proceedings by virtue of sheer mass.

    Weird, wired world

    THERE were even more sources of discombobulation than usual about yesterday, not least the exciting new remote-control leadership situation in Queensland's Liberal National Party and news that a man in Melbourne had been arrested for allegedly helping himself to a vacuum cleaner dumped on a rubbish pile on a nature strip during council clean-up. (We tried to work in a gag about nature strips abhorring a vacuum cleaner, but it just wouldn't come out right. Besides, all we really wanted to do was scream EVERYTHING HAS GONE BARKING MAD, RESIST THIS LUNACY!; we resisted, however.) Amid all this, we learned a new mini-series about the sinking of the Titanic (already snapped up by the Seven Network, apparently) is being filmed in, of all places, landlocked Hungary. It wasn't much, but it did allow us to keep some faint grip on reality.

    James Jeffrey. All work and no play makes Bambi "More rubble less troubleā€ Obarry a dull faun.

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