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Alison (burnmeinurstars) wrote,
@ 2003-12-02 20:38:00
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    Current mood: drained

    i can't fucking take anything anymore. Parents, School, its all bullshit. i really just need to run away and think out things..then maybe i'll come back. Dayna's the only one that really understands when i talk. She can relate to what im going through, even though i don't even know what im going through. I really wanna see Jim.. maybe it will make me feel better..but i can't say anything to him because he probally will just think im being really gay. uhgg.. everything has just fallen on my head too fast..and its gonna like break my neck. I should be happy, i don't know what's wrong.. But my parents try to understand they just have no idea what im going through. I can't even eat anymore, my mom thinks im starving myself, my dad just thinks im mental. but maybe i am.. it makes it worse when people say they understand and they try, but they just make me even crazier because they dont know what there talking about.. i can't sleep at night anymore either..the only time i sleep is when i come home from school..i dont think im gonna go to school at all tomorrow..ill find a way out of it. writing all this in my journal might not be the best thing for me to do, but its the only way i can get my feelings out without hurting myself or someone else.

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