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Dibbie (bunny_of_doom) wrote,
@ 2004-09-07 17:42:00
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    Current mood:fat ><
    Current music:green day

    there was no school today, FUN. then again, school tommrow will suck because im not in thinking mode. lol. but, ya. SOME POEPLE!! came over today because they had NO POWER!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! sorry, hyper moment. we went to the park and borke benj's $10 skateboard. it was fun! we jumped on it once and it broke. then, on our long walk home, ian (who had been at the mall and was coming home in his car) decided to chase benj with the car, benj had his rollerblades on so it was easy for him to avoid the car, but then fell flat on his face. it was so funny,but not at that moment. so benj got pissed and sat on the hood of ians car,possibly denting it, then ian started to drive the car. WHAT STUPID PEOPLE!!. but it was so funny. ians car and benj are fine.

    the PEOPLE (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) who came over obessed over adam. he so cute though. they put him in blankets and stuff POOR DOG? lol. but anywho! ooo, someone is at the door? umm, ya. but moving on. ive been eating horribly!! but at the park today i did get some exercise, but not nearly enough. its like, you see these picutres of beautiful skinny girls, everywhere. and just everywhere, its pressure to be skinny. but i think thats for the better, right? ya, seriously, it is because then you wont eat as much and you will be healtier. still, it sucks. i REALLY need a new dance pad, i think i can convince my mom to get me one today. i hope so, because i could pay some of it. the chipmunks are calling, bye.

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