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Britton (budl09) wrote,
@ 2004-07-21 19:01:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music: none

    It's been a while
    Well sorry to anyone who has tried to read this over the last few weeks and has left empty handed.
    I am here to finally update and I have some interesting things...
    First Boston is cool...different and very gay, but cool nonetheless.
    Secondly, my job is getting better by the week. I have closed 3 accounts to date and hopefully a few more next week so I've been making some good money finally.
    Thirdly, I have some fun things to talk about.

    I'll start with the weekend my parents came up to visit (2 weeks ago).
    They got here on Thursday evening and I met up with them to eat dinner and Jill came along as well. We went to a great little hole-in-the-wall place in the North End (little Italy) of Boston. After a couple of hours of catching up with them, we finished dinner and went walking through the North End. We stopped and got great pastries at a place called "Mike's Pastries". If any of you are in Boston I strongly recommend you trying it. It's world class to say the least. We walked around Boston to just kind of see the sights and we stopped at the one and only (not really there are 2) Cheers. It really was not that cool. We sat awkwardly for a while sipping on some beers while listening to a crappy band play. With my parents traveling all day and Jill and I working all day, we were all pretty tired and decided we'd hit the sack early. So we went out separate ways only to meet again the following day.
    It was a relaxing night of catching up and I really enjoyed it.

    The next morning was Friday and Jill had to be at work super early so she left me at like 6am to catch the train back to Worcester. I also had to work that day and ended up near my mom who was shopping near Quincy Market (pretty much the center of Boston's shopping/restaurant area). We hung out for a bit and then I had to continue working so I left her there on the phone with a client.
    That night Jill came back from Worcester and we all went to dinner again at King Fish. If you remember...which I doubt you will, I took her there on New Year's Eve this year. It's a great little seafood place in Quincy Market.
    Anyway we talked about the upcoming election and to my surprise, my democrat father and independent mother are both voting for G-dub. I was pretty sure that my dad would not take that route but he we chatted along those lines for a bit but Jill and I had to eat and run. We were headed to see Anchorman with two of her friends Missy and Pietro, who I have come to really like since I have been here. We came, we saw, and we went and afterwards I was changed forever...haha no it was a good movie but I'm sure I would have liked it more if I didn't watch all the preview stuff on the internet before the movie. Oh well though...lesson learned.

    Saturday came and Jill and I went shopping with my Mom because she needed some clothes to go to the Sox game that night. I know what you are thinking....why did she need clothes for a baseball game? Well it turns out my dad got sweet club seat tickets in the enclosed area with the buffet of mussels, strip steak, salmon and many other non-buffet type items and Jill was already on her way from Worcester when I told her. So she packed regular baseball game stuff instead of the fancy stuff she needed. But it was fun to go shopping with her because she has NO clue on style...haha ;) just messing with ya Jill. No but honestly though, NO CLUE! haha So I helped her pick out a top for that night and another top for another night and I'm pretty sure she loved my choices...either that or she's beginning to get better at lying. Either way I don't really care.
    So anyway the game was great, food was awesome, and the Sox came out with a W. So all in all it was an AWESOME day. That night we met up with Philip Gray who was up visiting a friend from NYC where he has his internship with MTV. We shot over to a bar for a little bit near my place and just basically caught up on the last few weeks of being in France. It was a good time and I think Jill got a kick out of our stories and such.
    Phil ended up staying the night at my place that night and we got up at around 11 the next day to meet up with his buddies, one of which was a guy that just graduated from UT. I tried to hold it against him but I just couldn't because he was really cool and damn funny. Jill wasn't feeling to well so she stayed at my apartment for a while while the three of us did some sight-seeing in Boston, stopping to make fun of nearly everything possible. "I believe that this statue is hug worthy."
    Anyway, Jill met up with us at King Fish again where we sat to have a cup of CHOWDA. Gotta say I love that stuff no matter what time of year it is.
    After King Fish we did a bit more sight-seeing before the guys had to go. Then Jill and I headed to meet up with my parents to go CANDLE PIN BOWLING! My new favorite sport. Little ball, skinny pins, much tougher than regular bowling.


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