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Haley (bubbleyumhayhay) wrote,
@ 2003-06-24 20:01:00
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    i feel horrible.....:(
    mMmMmMmMmMm... i feel sooo horrible... i broke up wit my now ex boyfriend....his name is marshall...and he was soo good to me.... but i dont love him like that anymore... i love kasey... and it really sucks totally now...cause kasey might hate me forever for not tellin him i had a boyfriend......and kasey doesnt love me... so yea..... and i broke marshall's heart... i feeel soo bad...we were togther for 4 months.... and we hada great time...but when i met kasey.. it all went downhill from there... and i started to like kasey a lot... than i started to love him... and i tried to make it work between me and marshall..but i guess it wasnt meant to be...i dunno wha to do... i told kasey how i felt bout him and i told him i loved him.... i juss guess that im not the type of girl to love...well for kasey at least...mMmMmMmMm.... look at this convo between me and marshall.....

    DebthePT1: don't be sad i am trying to think positive and so should you
    DebthePT1: but you have everything going your way
    luckiiLeO13: no i dont
    luckiiLeO13: wha are u talkin bout?
    DebthePT1: you have the good guy and the good life
    luckiiLeO13: um marshall
    luckiiLeO13: he likes me...but he doesnt want to be with me
    luckiiLeO13: and when i tell him i love him he doesnt say anything
    luckiiLeO13: so how do i how everything? when i dont have kasey?
    DebthePT1: you have a charm u will get him watch
    luckiiLeO13: no... no matter what.. i will never catch his heart
    luckiiLeO13: marshall... i love kasey soo much...and i care for him soo much...and i wanan be with him soo much... i jus dont think he knows that... or maybe he jus doesnt want to hear it.... i dunno... maybe i should jus give up
    DebthePT1: i think you should do what your heart tells you and not what i have to say

    that was our convo.... well im gonna go now.. ill write lata bout sum other stuff.... buh bye...peace _hay hay_

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