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Cat (bubbleumbrella) wrote,
@ 2005-02-27 22:12:00
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    Current mood: relaxed
    Current music:The Prehistorics-Anorexic Girl

    There once was a man from Nantucket.
    Gee..I wish I was from Nantucket. Oh well. Innywho-tonight was fun. Two more days until I leave for "Unitown." W-Woo! It should be fun I guess. haha I'm doubting it, but oh well. Chell and Michael and Immanuel are going, so who knows? Even if it sucks, life goes on. Tengo la examen en espanol por la manana. Phwar. I don't wanna take my test tomorrow, but I guess I have to or else I won't get a grade, and I'll let my group down. Hrm..I really should study, shouldn't I? What am I rambling about it for? I did study. All weekend I studied. //angry face

    This weekend seemed to kind of drag, but it was a good drag. I love long weekends. Friday I went to CTC's SHOW IN BRYANT with Kingsdown (w00t!), After The Tragedy (w00t w00t!!!), Dustforth, and some other band I couldn't remember if my life depended on it. I got in trouble when I got home ((see last entry)) and all, but it was well worth it. Hrm..Then Saturday was more of a lazy day for me. It was nice. Then of course there was today. I dragged myself out of bed for church stuff and that was fun of course. Robert was tearing a hole in his pants. Go figure. Then I came home and studied some more for Spanish and Physics ((which I also did Saturday)), made up something in my "Love Language" book, and wrote a new song. I was SUPPOSED to go to the mall today, but my mom's going to take me tomorrow. Oh well. I think I'm skipping BotBall too. HA! I'm really starting to think the only person that actually ENJOYS BotBall is Tom, and I still say he's crazy. So innywho, then I went to youth and that was bunches of fun, as always. We went to Mcallisters DELI ((<--Thanks Caleb)) afterwards. Not too many people went but it was sooo fun anyway. Now I'm just winding down, getting ready to finish studying and sleep. Wish me luck tomorrow!!!


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