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Bryson Andrew Taylor (bryson_taylor) wrote,
@ 2003-06-09 02:27:00
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    (( Bryson was sprawled across his bed, as usual he was sporting a baggy, worn out, Beatles t-shirt, with baggy khaki shorts. The White Stripes blared out of his stereo, just enough for him to hear, and not bother the other students in the building. He sat up, eyeing his computer as he stood up and made his way, the light tap of his feet hitting the ground and a sudden "whoosh" as he sat down in the almost broken, leather chair. He glided his fingers gently across the power button, waiting patiently as Windows loaded, bring up his desktop and icons. He clicked the AOL icon and signed on, bringing up his journal, he began typing. ))

    I've never been one for explaining myself, I like to think of myself as a mystery waiting to be solved. And in a way it's true, no one understands me and perhaps I like it that way. My name is Bryson, my friends call me Bry. I'm a graduating senior and i'll be attending Dover University this coming year.

    I was born in Seattle, Washington. Life in a big city like that opened alot of doors. But now that i'm attending Dover U I don't have that many oppurtunities anymore. I could've gone to school back home but in a way, I just wanted to get out. Get free. Build a new life, sort of "start over", I suppose. I actually didn't graduate highschool from Dover, I just recently moved here. Back home I had tons of friends, my family, I miss it. I have a younger sister Hannah, and an older brother, John. We were all pretty close, the whole family was. I guess you could say we have the picture perfect family. Rich, successful. At times it's sickening. I was captain of the soccer team, my brother graduated Validictorian, my sister was homecoming queen, my father's a lawyer and my mother is merely a teacher. It's like something out of Happy Days, only worse. Being here and meeting all new people is definitely going to be a major adjustment, but I can manage.

    My biggest passion is music. I'm majoring in music, i'd like to produce one day.. have my own record label, the works. I had a band back home but it didn't get too far. Everyone just seemed to split up once we graduated, we all went our seperate ways .. sort of reminds me of the Bryan Adams song, "Summer of 69".. but anyways. I play guitar, piano, sing. Back home they used to call me the Taylor Hanson of Seattle, that was sort of.. interesting.

    I can be quiet, but I still like to have fun. I'm not one to settle down in a relationship, I find it difficult to commit and i'm not afraid to admit it. My friends always laugh when I get another girlfriend and they often tell the girl good-luck, but in a way it's true. Why settle down? I just want to date around, have fun, find what i'm looking for. And if I haven't, I move on. Simple as that.

    Don't feel intimidated, i'm not here to throw anyone off. I'm me and if no one likes it then fuck them, I don't care.

    (( He pressed update and shut off his computer, not looking back at what he wrote, not caring who commented and who wanted to be friends with him. He got up and sat back down on his bed, crossing his legs, slightly reaching over and grabbing the slender neck of his guitar, propping it in his lap and began to play random chords. ))

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