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brynn (brynnster) wrote,
@ 2004-07-30 15:06:00
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    Current mood: drained
    Current music:sailing away (i dont kno wut its called)-styx...ILOVECOLEMAN

    la summera...
    heylo..2day we had a field trip 2 the IGFA...o joy 2 life. we did nothing (except 4 look up the hystory of fish and records..etc..meaning copy the smart ppls packets...its a way of life)

    im supre bored and SUPER hungry! bc ididnt have breakfast or lunch..y bc im a loser and im 2 tired 2 get up and go 2 get there goes the whole eating idea

    Slipperysocks524: i love u from my penis to the stars
    freekychica379: i love u from my right ball 2 the end of the galaxy
    Slipperysocks524: i love you from my ball to the tip of my penis
    Slipperysocks524: .. which is a lot ..

    there was more but i decided it was best not 2 put it in 4 fear that the person who its about mite c it and freak out lol...good thinking on my part.

    i was so bored that:

    freekychica379: ok ashlee or jessica
    freekychica379: ?
    Slipperysocks524: def. ashlee
    freekychica379: penis or vagina?
    Slipperysocks524: mm vagina theyre better looking(haha did melissa give u penisfobia)
    freekychica379: ok um lol livesstrong or live long
    Slipperysocks524: livstrong
    freekychica379: colin farrel or ashton kutcher
    Slipperysocks524: ashton kuchrt

    there u go now u kno everything u will ever need 2 kno 2 succeed in life bout maria...

    anyways i g2g call amanda bout the movies road 7:15 b there...or be a loser

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