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Brynn Jones (brynn_jones) wrote,
@ 2003-06-18 17:29:00
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    Current mood:bitchy
    Current music:I Miss You - Finch

    Make me a song. . .
    | Brynn's small frame sprawled across the wooden floor of her dorm room. Big, black headphones covered her ears while a beat flowed out. Her tosseled brown hair gathered together in a messy bun. She woke up this morning with a slight wave added to her hair but she didn't bother with it. Today was a day for relaxation. Kylie Dean's " Make Me A Song " could barely be heard outside of her headphones and her body was positioned so her forearms were her support. Bobbing her head to the Timbaland beat, her chin was lifted up and down as the beat took control over her. Hanging on her hips were white terry cloth pants and a pink sports bra to match. Her silver laptop sat infront of her as her fingers arched over the light keys before she started to type. |

    Senior year. It isn't exactly what I thought it would be. I'm still contemplating whether it is better than what I thought or if it is worse. I always thought senior year would be the best year of my life. I'd be with an amazing man, starting point guard for the basketball team, maintaining my great GPA, and still find time for the people I love the most. Things aren't exactly what they were supposed to be.

    I've been seeing myself at Louisiana more often, not physically but mentally. I miss it so much. I miss momma's home-cooked meals, Gyps' conversations about stupid girly things, Randy's creative music, and just the feeling of being back home. The strange thing is. . the minute I start to miss it, a piece of Louisiana comes to me. Hell, i can narrow it down even more, a huge piece of Kentwood came to me. Gyps and Randy are in town. They moved. And did I miss them more than ever. Our friendships ending were the hardest thing, but I brought that upon myself. I never really made an effort to call or write or whatever.

    | A small wave of guilt started to wash over Brynn. She knew she shouldn't have been so hard on herself, but it was only the truth. Not once did she try to make contact with them, and when she did think about it, she'd be terrified of their reaction. Gyps was the one girl she could trust with her life, her deepest secrets, and her everything. Then there was Randy. . . Her dark orbs concentrated on the glowing screen infront of her while she tried to sort her thoughts out that ran a million miles per minute. She took a deep breath before she started to type again. |

    Gyps was one of those people you could trust without a second thought. Everything about her was so genuine, so real. I don't think I ever found a friend like her before, and I don't think I ever will. We were pretty good friends back in Kentwood, but there was something that stood between us after awhile. The only problem was, I was completely oblivious to the problem until I left for Dover. Randy, her older brother, and I started to date. We'd be Kentwood's favorite couple. You'd see us constantly smiling when we were around one another, we would never let one another down, and we would never let anything get between us. What we shared was. . something special, for sure, but things ended so quickly. I never gave him a reason and I never realized how selfish I was being until . . recently. I pulled Randy away from Gyps; Randy pulled me away from Gyps. I think that was our main problem that we never actually took into consideration.

    I ran into each of them the other day. It was. . surreal. I never imagined seeing them again and there they were. They were here in Vermont. . they were here at Dover. I just have to think of a way to redeem myself.

    I met another new kid the other day, Jared. . right?

    | She let a light, airy chuckle escape her slightly parted lips before she continued. Raising a hand to tuck the free strands of hair behind her hair quickly, then she went back to the keys. |

    He's a pretty cool kid. Our conversations are just. . chill. No drama. I gotta tell you. They're probably the most refreshing conversations I have. I forget about all the drama that goes on my life and just hang out with my friend. Now, how many of you can say that?

    Oh yes, one more thing before I go, I'm still thinking about quitting the team this year.

    | A relaxed smile crossed over her lips as she pressed her mouse quickly, then rolled onto her back with the headphones still blaring. She patted her stomach to a certain melody before she actually closed her laptop and cleaned up her mess. It was time for a meeting with the coaches. |

    ( I'm sorry for all the errors and shit in this one. I was slightly distracted most of the time, but I wanted to quickly update.

    One last thing, I've got my own personal hater. How great is that? <3 )

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