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Jjaks (bruxism) wrote,
@ 2003-09-21 01:25:00
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    Current mood: sleepy

    Portrait of an Empress
    no I'm not referring to my memoirs... went to watch Forbidden City today with Schaune at the magnificent Esplanade. First we had dinner at super crowded Raffles City food court. Lucky enough to spot seats and not have to stand around waiting. Ate bland Ee mee with sliced fish. Then walked to Esplanade via City Link, passing thru "Little Thailand" or whatever nationality those youngsters are from, hanging out (n breakdancing) at the enclosed area betw the Adidas shop and the Esplanade carpark.

    Arrived there with enough time to take in the grandeur of the Esplanade theatre. Its four levels high for those who havent been in there - the main level plus three levels of "circus seats". They have those lovely seats by the sides too, akin to those in opera houses where the rich and uppity sit with their eye glasses and big hats. So anyways we were on the 4th level, and really ought to have brought binoculars as it was too high up to see the performers' faces/makeup/expressions. (but then can't complain for $37.) As a result, couldn't tell which actor in the program was playing which character. The first few scenes were rather messy but only thru fault of my own I guess as I didn't know what the story was about and who the characters were (apart from Kit Chan as the Empress and Hossan Leong as the Eunuch (we were mistaken. He's actually one of two record keepers-comic relief). Kit and Hossan were two performances that stood out and also received the most applause at the end. I would rate this musical as fair, in fact I wouldn't have been as moved as I was if the audience wasn't applauding as raptuously as they were during the curtain call. The songs were forgettable, apart from the one Kit sang to her son (or about her son - see, I forgot already). And the other performers could do with a bit more enunciation during their singing.

    Ok, too sleepy to go on... maybe another time if I remember something...

    Nevertheless, I'll remember to buy a higher-priced ticket for a better seat next time a "world-class theatre with an Asian flavor" comes along

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