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Bruce Marquez (brucemarquez215) wrote,
@ 2011-08-24 12:22:00
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    The Best Ways to Convey Excellent Service to Your Customers
    Does your internet business not always satisfy your customers' wishes and expectations? If so, your customer service skills may need upgrading. Below are some simple ways you can improve in this area.

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    The Importance of Being Friendly: Simply having a friendly attitude when dealing with customers makes a huge difference. You should avoid having the cold manner of a large company or bureaucracy. People will notice it if you give them service that's friendly and personalized, and it will make their experience with you much more pleasant. You can't expect customers to be friendly to you first, especially if they're contacting you with some kind of problem. You may have to get them to relax and tell you exactly what's going on, which requires you to be understanding and patient. Being friendly is a fundamental requirement of customer service, and it's something anyone can do if they make the effort.

    Be Polite: Let's say a customer approaches you with a serious problem that he/she is facing with your product - how would you interact? You may try to offer assistance, but would you remain professional throughout the correspondence? If you're rude while you're offering customer service, then your customers won't really like you even if you were able to help them out. If you can remain polite, your customers will feel as though you're making a true effort to help them resolve their issue. Even if you're faced with an abusive customer, stay calm and work through the issue politely, with a view to finding a suitable resolution. Making your customers understand the problem requires you to first understand it well yourself, which is why being polite in your approach will make your job easier and make the customer happy.

    Go an Extra Mile: People love companies that go an extra mile to satisfy their customers. You will continue to get those customers coming back time after time when you give more than you are asked for. You will realize that small goals will make a big impression on your customers as well as designing an impressive experience for them though admittedly it will require more work for you to go that extra mile. Question yourself now- name something you could try that would go above and beyond with your internet enterprise? Making your customers feel incredibly special is possible-how? How can you make your patrons feel like they are unique? If you deliver good customer service and let it be known that you care about your customers, then you will have a successful online business. When a person sticks around with a company because of its sensational customer service, that person will tell others about how great that company is, which will be good for you in the long run.

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