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Alex (browneyegirl) wrote,
@ 2002-12-17 15:52:00
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    Current mood: curious
    Current music:3 Doors Down-If I Could Be Like That

    Today was so BORING! First of all there was English. To my surprise Gaelin and Katie didn't annoy the hell out of eachother. Ms. McLean is so mean! She is a horrible teacher and grader, she said that if one person does something wrong then it is everyone's grade that will go down. Who does she think she is? In second hour Mr. Bruen wasn't there, and we had Mr. Marrow as a sub. Gabby, Sara, Adrienne and I were joking around about the pen15 club in which Adrienne is the president of lol. Mr. Marrow told her he knew what it was and we were all cracking up HAH. In seminar it was really awkard and it would be rude and wrong for me to say why so I shall refrain from doing so. U.S. History we had a sub also because Mr. Petris was gone. That class is so boring and I dont understand how he said I was getting a B-, but magically now I'm getting an A? It doesn't make any sense but I dont want to argue. I have a dentist appointment at 4:30 and I'm trembeling in my "space boots" lol. I hate going to the dentist because it's just plain nasty.

    Champange Wishes and Caviar Dreams,

    Robbin Leach...Oops I mean Alex.

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