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... ( `brooklyn.! ) (brooklyn_jaynes) wrote,
@ 2003-04-21 21:55:00
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    Current mood: energetic
    Current music:lil mo ;; "gangsta"

    Chillin at tha mall
    You're such a vibrant thang, vibrant thang. ;x Haha. Brooklyn's goin a lil back in time, holla. ::Shimmy:: What gangsta what!? Yeah, I'm hyper if you didn't pick that up in the first two lines of my totally orgasmic update you wish.

    Me + mah homegirl Jadyn chilled today after school. That girl is tight as hell, she keeps me rollin. Aight we're walkin down the hall thingy, whatever you call it, at tha mall and she starts yellin down over the banister down at this fine ass niqqa, Brandon. Woo, buh you know I'm not touchin on that subject cuz of a certain slut someone, whatever we're classified as of now - I have no idea. Anyways, he starts wavin us down so she makes a run for the escalator, I'm just trailin behind her. She was like runnin towards him. So he was talkin ta us and whatever so I look over and this chick is all over him. I was like, "God damn Jade, give tha boy some room to breathe." Hah, but yeah him and Jadyn exchanged numbers so we moved on.

    So we catch up with Brandon again after eatin at the food court and checkin in with our moms. You know me and my big mouth, I was like "You should bring us home cuz you know we really don't wanna catch the bus again." So he took us back to my house, he got a bangin ass system in that Civic. We was havin madd fun, hopefully Jadyn calls him so we can all chill again this weekend or somethin.

    Aight, Bre's feeling really... sad I guess you could say. I'm not really sure what's wrong with her yet but I'm worried. <3 That's my friend so you know, we gotta help her feel better or else it'll get ugly up in here, ya feel me? Good.

    Mk, who does everyone love more? Me or Greg? I know it's me, I'm just you know trying to back up my statement with actual facts so Greg will believe me and he can start the devastating healing process. :-* Haha. <3 That's my time, I'm out babitas. One.

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