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Mitchel Davidson (brooke231) wrote,
@ 2011-08-13 07:27:00
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    EFT for Children
    Have you ever considered how it can benefit you and your child? When you look back over your time in school do you sometimes wish things could have been easier? I imagine that the first few years were mostly fun and easy. However there may have been some bumpy patches like bullying, sadness, fears and worries to name but a few. Then in secondary school life gets a bit more complicated and much more serious. There are timetables, many different subjects, more homework and just so much to juggle.

    What if there was a technique available to help with the trials and tribulations of being a kid and growing up? I would like to introduce to you E.F.T (emotional freedom technique). EFT is an easy way to balance your energy system for negative and uncomfortable feelings that you want to change. It is based on the acupuncture system and was developed in the 1990's by Gary Craig. The technique is easy to learn and is so effective.

    Toddlers: You may be wondering if you can use it with a toddler. The answer is yes. You can either tap directly on your child or teach them how to do it. Pretend it is a game and your child will love using E.F.T and really feel the benefits. This is a great way for toddlers to release any emotion such as anger, frustration or anxiety in an appropriate way.

    Big School: When your toddler moves up to mainstream school they will have spelling and maths tests to contend with. They will also have to learn to socialise and share with other class mates. There will probably be stuff that happened in school that you don't know about. This can be a scary time. The path can be less bumpy with the use of this wonderful technique. A good time to use EFT for children would be before homework or at bedtime. When your child is telling you about their day just tap through the points. Some children may not want to tap. However in most cases they recognise that they feel better inside when they do tap.

    Teenagers: This is when the hormones kick in, your child becomes more independent and start to rebel. This can be a challenging time for both parent and child. Even the most solid parent/ child relationship can be tested in the teenage years. E.F.T is an option available to you and your child to smooth the way. As a parent there may be conflict around letting go and giving your child space and independence. The teenager in your family has exam pressure, peer pressure and may even be struggling with confidence and self-esteem issues. This technique is really helpful to help resolve any issues that present.

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