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broken_silence (brokensilence88) wrote,
@ 2004-12-13 21:41:00
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    Current mood: chipper
    Current music:Hi Tek feat. Common - The Sun God

    Have you ever felt like you just want to be isolated from the world for a while? Like you just want to crawl in a corner and rock for no apparent reason? I feel like that. Maybe it's also the fact that I feel ignored by my friends...
    Whenever I talk to Ilona, Kevin is right there. When I talk to Kelsie, Shawn is right there. Sheila is always doing homework, Tamara is always babysitting. JessJo, Sarah and Julie are always together. Noel's always there to talk to...but not in person. Aww, I heart him...a lot. <3

    Ahhhhhh SEMI WAS AWESOME. Mat blew chunks on Sarah's table though...Noel was sick for a while too. But man, he was so flipping HOT. And I was hot that night too...which makes a hot COUPLE. Yes, we decided that we were together as of then. Anyway, for dessert we had orange sherbert IN A ORANGE. It was crazy and Serena had to help me. Oh PS - Mahad, Kerri, Serena, Sheila, Sam, myself, Noel and these other grade 12s were at our table.
    Noel ended up coming back to my house...we started to watch Scary Movie 3...we didn't see much.

    He phoned me the other day from the mall not knowing what to buy me for Christmas. Well I told him pjs, but he said there weren't any at La I made him go into Silk n' Satin. He found something there. I'll buy his gift in SA though. :D

    Ooo....I have 15 days until I leave. Oh God I'm excited. Adam and Jonathan are having a blast over there right now...Cassi told me that we'll go get pierced together - my nose, her belly. I'm reluctant on that though...AIDS isn't my friend. But besides that, OMG, I'm fucking tripped out about this. YAHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO.

    I shall depart...Toots.

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