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Katie is for lovers........! (brokenrecords89) wrote,
@ 2004-11-15 16:43:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:America (something, i dunno the name), simon and garfunkel

    Let us be lovers.....
    sigh. alex, just so you know ive been thinking about you a lot..a lot a lot lately. i dunno, that before you get a crush on someone. that innocent lovely orgasmic type feeling. i dunno. this is all so strange. and for some reason ive been happier. a lot happier. and it feels weird, because usually im always so emo. im known as katie, the emo kid. sigh. well, yes. not much to say now...ill continue this entry later. wow look ive decided to edit and continute writing. hmm. interesting. well today was well...good. typical monday i guess, i was super organized though, and i totally emo-ed my binders and stuff, cept for my latin stuff...its all...all...latiny. lol. gosh, well in study redgate sat next to me...second study in a row. woot woot. this is all so exciting. and i thought about nick in math today with emily. and then actually i spent a lot of time thinking about alex. yeah. its all so odd, but yeah like i said before i get this really weird cute orgasmy type feeling, and its nice...and good. wow. im higly odd. man i sound like that mother fucker that i want dead...julie. gosh. i do love nick. i do like redgate, and i do have this weird crushy orgasmic alex thing going on in my body and mind right now. odd. odd i tell you. things are good. and i really want dot photo to work, so i can put some more pictures up here. man. sigh. jeez. i love emo, and being emo...being known as an emo punk kid. its all so nice and cute. and chelsea darling, i want you to bring your camera tomorrow. if possible . yes. well after school i hung out with sam and redgate. sam had italian cigarettes, because she came back from italy. and so we traded. 2 american marlboros for 2 italians. wait...3 actually. it was intense. i went with them while they smoked italian weed. i didnt though. which is a good thing. i felt extremely ugly today, even though sam told me i looked awful cute in my cute scarf and hat, and in the words of sam i quote, "katie, you look awful cute and very europe-y looking" even though it was just a scaft and hat, they are all little kid cute and matching, which is nice. then tory's mom drove me home. i actually highly enjoy staying after school, its really fun. wow, that just sounded really lame. im really happy. i dunno why. this isnt normal. i miss people. i want people. i need something and/or someone soon. gosh. i need a kiss. *gets all little kid and emo like and blushes*.

    i really do need a kiss. sigh.

    god, i want to cry. ^ i want that....i want someone who wants to give it to me....god im so emo.

    i want that even more, and i really want someone who wants to give me tell me. sighs for all. i think im really going to cry.

    now, you all think im a fuckin freak for loving this stuff and wanting it....fuck sigh.

    bye bye beautiful.

    comment, katie

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