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brokenrecord14 (brokenrecord14) wrote,
@ 2003-07-21 22:49:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic
    Current music:Going under - Evanesence

    -=i'm glad im alive=-
    today was wierd, i had a great time last night with katie, i had to tuck in the poor creature(hahah:P) anyway i finally got my blurty up and running for some reason i updated it yesterady but it just showed up today well wahtever,nevertheless...i miss you chris!!!!!!!!!...:D well today was filled with mixed emotions it totally made me confused...thats what i am im a confused,lost person...i woke up at 3 ate lunch,had a BIG fight with my mom and i just got so pissed off i just ran out of the house...stupid argument, anyway..i ran out and went over to katies place but she had to leave, so i decided to go to aubreys, i ended up at aubrey's and we spent time at the hole, unexpectedly james,D and D's lil bro kevin showed up it was alright until james started hitting on me again...damn! i mean can't he just get the picture?..don't worry babe..anyway around 8 pm we headed back to the city and decided to hang at the mall, comes the fun part james was so busy talking to me and trying to impress me and aubrey with his stupid "wanking" muscle and accidentally bumped into the midget that works at BANG AND was so hilarious we all just cracked up and james went so bright red and apologised hahha...:P midgets..:P so dumb..anyway we had a cinnabon talked about a couple of things and kevin farted all of a sudden and we were laughing so hard the customers gave us wierd was fun, after me n aubrey just left the guys and walked back to her place, and this is when shit started to happen..we took a short cut back to her place since it was only two blocks down, the streets were so quite coz we went past the park as soon as we got to her corner a bunch of local arabs started whistling to get our attention and we had to pass them, so as we did one guy threw a water bottle and hit my back, i turned around and picked up a rock and threw it at him and gave him the finger they all started swearing and i screamed back "your moms a whore" hahah..they ran after us and we ran as fast as we could, it was so funny we were like "oooh shit!!!!!!!!!" ....we ran and reached aubreys building and as we crossed another street(coz her bldg was right across the street) and we didnt even look sideways, I NEARLY GOT HIT BY A FUCKIN 4x4...:P *meep*...oh well we screamed and ran inside to her hour later i went home and right now my rent's aren't here so just so fuckin' bored..:P....where's my babe?!..hope your alright babe..sorry bout this still not telling u the surprise though.:P you lots babe*hugz n kisses* (all over)...*mwah*

    ...I want something else
    To get me through this
    Semi-charmed kind of life...3rd eye blind

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