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cricket (brokendreamz79) wrote,
@ 2004-11-12 05:39:00
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    Current music:broken dreams by: Basement Jaxx

    new on blurty
    well hello folks! this is my new journal and i am going to try to atleast post something once or twice a week. I have really bad grammar so it might get tough to read sometimes. bear with me and i'm sure it will be fine.

    So let me tell you a little about myself, I am a 25 year old single male. I am a pretty active person and so i don't really get to get my thoughts out there where i can look at them on paper so ty blurty!!! I come from a really loving but restrictive family. They love me but don't understand me and so that makes it a little hard sometimes. I am from Tennessee but i now live in louisianna. I really love music and usually load a cd as soon as my cpu comes on. I got to give props out to Emerald Sweetie for turning me on to some styles of music that in the past i have forgotten about. you are great EM!!!! any way i love outdoors type activities from the mild walking to extreme paintball. If it is rainy or sunny i like to be outside. I am also a m2f crossdresser.... it took alot of pain and heartbreak to realise there was nothing wrong with me and that it is who i am, so i guess basically all i'm saying is that i learned to be true to myself and be honest and there can be no wrong and fault in what i do. I have also come to terms lately that living out from Tennessee isn't a bad thing and that life is all a mystery,(who knew?!!) I will say that hopefully as my days turn to nights and i'm waxing poetically i will be able to remmember what i was thinking about and can put it here... in my new journal. if you find anything interesting or are curious about sumthing then just write me and let me know. :-)
    i guess that was all i wanted to write for now it has been a long day and i am really tired so goodnight world and goodnight to all the special ppl in my life... i hope long days and pleasant nights follow you all.

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