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cricket (brokendreamz79) wrote,
@ 2004-12-14 02:40:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:Foolish Games by: Jewel

    ok so i lied about updating the other night. Well atleast I'm getting things done here now.
    So today I tried to get my truck up and on the road again. I got about halfway through a nicely done brake job when i figure out that Autozone sold me two wrong parts that where vital to finishing the job. So I had to go back and get the right parts and then by the time i got back it was too dark to finish. so once again i'll be spending time out in the cold working on my truck. At least i get to think.
    So i was offered a new job.... It's a cooking job and it's full time so i took it even though i'll be working out of a pay cut. but it will be doing what i love to do so...and i know the customers will be happy i'm back. I'm excited and sad at the same time i was looking forward to maybe moving on with my so called life lol
    Hmmmm, My so called life... i think i have to have one to call it something. I know i go out and drink everyso often and i know that at the moment i get ot meet new ppl but jeeeze what else is there in life other than that? I mean i have goals but i don't see anyway of attaining them. :-(
    I guess i am bound to just wander the earth bound in a hiv ridden city pretending once aweek that i'm a girl and hoping beyond belief that i am not alone in my broken dreams. Can life be any easier than that? I want to just figure out my purpose in life. I want to know why am i here. I am not really a patient person so i WANT TO KNOW NOW!!!!
    I like these journals but i gotta go so till next time..... take care!!!!

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