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B.r.O.k.E.n.D.r.E.a.M.e.R (brokendreamer) wrote,
@ 2003-05-06 19:09:00
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    Current mood:freaked out
    Current music:D12 - Aint Nuttin But Music

    i was sitting in my living room minding my own buisness and my brother goes someone is here...and i was like ok who is it...and he was like how the fuck am i supposed to kno...and that got me scared...cuz of whats goin on...and then he was like omg its the police...and he opened the door and they were like are you elaina and mike was like who is asking...and they were like well u dont look like elaina is she home and i got up and went to the door and was like uhm yea hi...and they just WALKED RIGHT IN...i was like holy fuck...and they were like we need to speak to you...and i was like uhhh about what...and they were like why would we be here...and i was like a few reasons...and he was like what are they...and i was like errrrrr restrainin orders...teddy...or ebay...and i mumbld ebay lol....and they were like this is about your boyfriend...i was liek uhhhhhh teddy? and they were like jacob...and i was like yea okay uh...and they just went to the dining room and sat down on their own...i was like wtf...and my brother bein a chicken shit called my mom and my mom thinkin they were here for ebay shit was like tell her to tell them to gtfo and not to talk to them!@#$ and shell be there in 10mins...and my bro came in the room with an attitude sayin that and the detective got all pissed off and i was lke shaking at this point like omg ignore my brother im being cooperative blah blah...but yea i talked to them for like 15-20mins...shaking the whole entire time...i was so freaked...i didnt kno EXACTLY what they were here for until my mom came home and demanded yea they are callin bak later and everything is cool ;] that was some freaky shit tho...heh

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