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-Why don't you do right- (broken_dreamz) wrote,
@ 2003-06-30 13:35:00
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    Current mood: good

    Hey, thank you for commenting

    I got back from my Virginia and Scotland trip,

    My dad, my mom and I drove up to Loch Ness but I didn't see Nessie anywhere. I did get a stuffed one from this tacky gift shop and also a post card saying, "Expose your monster to Loch Ness" the picture is the back of a guy in a quilt showing off his member to the lake. Oh and I ate at the resturant where JK Rowling wrote her first harry potter book. I already read the new one, it wasn't as good as I thought it would be but still interesting.

    Yep after Loch Ness we went to the capital of scotland and then we headed back to England and stayed with this old lady with 6 cats. I really miss Scotland blah :/

    After that we flew back to Virginia and the whole family went to my cousins wedding. It was really great actually, she looked so beautiful and everything was so nice. At the end of the wedding we all blew bubbles at them instead of throwing rice and got chocolate bars that looked like hersheys but really said Hers&His and had their picture on the back.

    Some realative I think Margie? Told us about her daughter at the wedding, how her bank was robbed twice and her apartment set fire by an angry women. She had to flee downstairs as the place was burning and jump out of a window. A lot of other things happened to her too, it's kind of amazing how unlucky she is, but thankfully she's still here.

    God, I miss my grandma and her house and her cooking and everyone else too...

    The only shit thing today was finding out my SAT scores and my final quarter grades, I think I need to actually study for a change.

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