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Karolina (broken_angel420) wrote,
@ 2005-10-04 17:36:00
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    Current mood: chipper
    Current music:bubble pop electric

    Okay now!
    I've had the biggest boost of energy now for some reason. I'm not on drugs, I'm on health. I've been active and eating right... taking vitamins. School is a little over whelming, I really want money right now though.
    Tomorrow's our four month anniversary. I am so amazed that we've lasted this long. I feel like all this time has flown by too quickly; time flies when you're in love. We're communicating a lot better now and learning how to be sensitive to each others' feelings. Being in a relationship has opened my eyes to how selfish and ignorant I can be. I've changed for the better and now see a brighter few months ahead, with Marcus. I still miss friends, but still try to find the time to see them. I realized how important friends are to me. I can be with someone and still have the freedom to sustain other relationships as well. I can't go to parties and hold your hair back while you OD all night, but I can surly stop by and have a few drinks. I don't abuse partying anymore; I don't feel the same about most substances anymore. Don't get me wrong, there are those Friday or Saturday nights every weekend that I get fucked up for. I figure I can drink, smoke, and snort coke all night and crawl in through my window at sunrise at least once a week. It's all about balance. One thing that will never change is my religious marijuana smoking habits.

    I <3 pot a lot!

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