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Alyson (broadwaygirl101) wrote,
@ 2003-11-05 15:42:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:in my life -les mis-

    feeling a little bit nauseous...
    yesterday was amusing. me and cat ate WAY too much at applebee's lol, matt levy drove us to rehearsal (after stopping at the costume place and seeing that the jesus robe was sold out...sorry erik!) rehearsal was ok. i really was mad at myself bc i totally knew my lines...but i guess since i hadn't looked at them, plus the stress of everything that's been going on, they just seeped outta my head or something.
    6:45 rolled around, and my dad picked me up bc it was my parents anniversary. truth be told, i wasn't hungry, but how could i refuse a trip to the olive garden? yeah, i thought so. so i had my seafood alfredo, and mike and jeanine were there too, and it was all good. we talked about disney lol. i think mike would cry if i told him i couldn't go. hopefully i can.
    then i got finding nemo, and i of course watched it as i did my music theory and english homework. LOVE it. i mean, i already knew that i loved it, but i loved it even more.
    auditions for les mis are the 18th and 20th...WTF?! i cant go either day...ugh im gonna have to work something out...not like it matters, since im not going to get a part anyway
    yeah so ive felt disgusting all day today. i randomly woke up at 3:30 am to puke...which is something i haven't done since 7th grade. i HATE THROWING UP! mite i say that? bc i DID! i HATE IT more than anything. and if i puke, then my body is really fucked up! its bc i ate so much yesterday....blehhh lol but im a little better now
    i got this thing for an application to be an intern at usdan. first im like wtf but then it says that i would get paid $750 and get a full tuition to be a chorus major. ill have to see. of course, i would still have to audition and shite, and we all know how much i love usdan...hope you got the sarcasm there. but hey, it IS $750...
    alrite. im gonna go lie down.

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