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~Sasha~Britty~Reina~ (brittynsync4ja) wrote,
@ 2003-02-16 14:44:00
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    the past few weeks
    ok...moving on...

    Me n' my friend Jewelz walked to the movie theater (dollar theaters) which is only like 2 miles away. Yes I know we're not the walking generation, but hey...we didn't have a ride!So we walked there...and ew my gosh. This 25 year old guy like honked at us and blew a kiss at us and then this like 45 year old honked at us...and everytime we tell our friends they were like what were u wearing? I was like Jewelz was dressed immodestly that's why she got all those guys hooting over her lol and she was like shut up I was more covered then u...and it was to both of us! sadly that's the I wasn't immodest. I had sketchers sporty shoes on and long flare jeans a roxy t-shirt and my friend Niska's moroon vest that goes down past my butt so I don't get the big deal. see the friend had a long sleeve shirt on so yeah yeah,ok then I found out my cousin is getting married...I don't wanna go into the details that's that. ok next friends Jewelz and Niska came with me to the dollar theater...we went to see Half Past Dead. Ja Rule movie straight up! but we had to leave early cuz my friend Niska had to be home by 11pm..(sadly) cuz it was getting to be a really hella tight movie! but we had to leave as we walked friend Jewelz opened the door and she almost smacked one of the guys (these guys were like 17 2 to 3 years older then us and Jewelz was like I'm sorry man these 6 guys were so hot! u have no idea! they were talking to us but we had to leave so we kinda rushed it. oh well wish we could see them again. and no kidding but they were HOTT! Let's see...Justine and I have become friends again...thank the lord! yes we got over our differences and have accepted eachother as who we are. in my journal I said I would write about sweet guys, but I don't know what it was about oh well lol sorry. My zine has been bugging me. No I love it I love the members but I don't wanna quit it...I still want it to be going...and yes I love it to death.., but it's more of a chore now from now on...gosh ::closes eyes::... please everything will work out ...I've been way stressed out lately I have like 2 or 3 projects one for Biology and another for Spanish 2 so 2 yeah lol. I need to get a job I talked to my aunt about it and she said that whenever some one calls in sick or goes on vacation I can work for them. so YES! it's not a steady job, but it's a job right? I can't wait until I start. cuz I need the money so I can save money for all of my summer activities! and I have a lot of stuff going on! :( Florida...I need to save money to go to FL with my friend Jewelz, then Iowa w/ my family, then concerts and blah blah on...I need to save soo much money. I went to my friends Ryan and Alex's house...pretty fun..talked about the IB program I'll be going into which is basically like AP, but harder, I'm really scared. Ryan's a couple weeks older than me and he's gonna do it but he's smart lol only difference there anyway I'll try right? I met up with Jessica and David cuz Jessica wanted to give me a very very very belated birthday present she gave me an *Nsync dollar bill and an *Nsync camera I loved it a lot! thank you jess! and David was hilarious as usual ...yeah I had fun David beatboxed a bit and they joked around great fun. ok at school (sorry I'm jumping to so many different subjects, but I gotta cover as many as possible fast cuz events happen faster then I can write about them! :( ) ok next topic Justine's a "VIRGIN" it was great after lunch me n' some of my friends were walking aroun' me Alexis, Jewelz, Niska, Megan, and Justine. we walked over to the vending machines and justine was bent over this guy came behind her and threw something away in the garbage and Alexis smacked her butt Justine turned around and looked at the boy and was like ....did u just do that I can't believe u just did that..u sicko...and she smacked him and was like I'm still a virgin if you know! I'm scarred for life! and the guy was like what no that wasn't me and all of us were cracking up laughing cuz man what a scene what a scene lol k Last Last Wednesday I went to basketball practice and I went around the chair cuz I figured the back and forth dribbling routine was going to slow so I figured 2 people can go at the same time. SO i went around Jewelz saw me and she purposely shoved me at the hips and I lost control she stepped on my foot and then I fell down and she fell on top of me and OW it hurt my knee so bad! she was laughing and I was like OMG ...ur so rude that hurt...which it did, but I tried not to make a big scene gosh jerk lol jp jewelz I luv yea! we totally biffed it tho!!ok Aol has been being a but and hasn't been letting me on easliy but recently its getting better. Cami had been sick this entire week (when I biffed it and such.)Thursday at school I dunno I just felt like teasing Ashley about Nick so I told her she loves Nick and he loves her blah blah she got pretty pissed cuz she thought I was gonna call him after school and tell him...does she know me or not? lol Sara mi amiga lol is so cool... she's awse..we talk about a lot of different she's funny lol Friday...of that week I stole gum from megan man she's slow...I was in the other row diagnal from her...(in English 7th) and I grabbed her purse looked in it found gum ate some plopped her purse back down which made a big PLUNK she didn't notice then Ash would say hey Meg and she'd be like WHAT ...and she's look at me and I'd show her my gum and she still didn't get it GOSH SLOW! lol then Teen wanted some so I grabbed her purse got some more and threw it back "PLUNK" she still didn't notice finally when Teen told her she got made and I'm like ur slow she's like no I'm not blah blah then I told her everything I'm like now do u know why Ash and I think ur slow she's said it was great. That same friday we had an assembly called Battle of the Genders it was one for our SBO's it wa great...oh man...sorry Cam that u missed it! :( for one thing they had 5 of the basketball guys go up there and then they blind folded them and said that they would be kissed on the cheek by a girl 5 girls got up there...and then suddenly from behind the curtains the guys mom's come out and give them a kiss on the cheek and go back the girls are still standing there the guys guess who gave them a kiss and Mark said Brekke cuz she's his girlfriend...and then suddenly after they all make there guesses their mom's come out and give them a kiss Mark was so embarrassed he ran away from his mom his mom grabbed him put him in a headlock and swung him over her and he crashed on the ground and she fell on top of him and kissed him he was BRIGHT red ...oh man...great times then they had a tug-a-war against girls and guys 2 of the guys are like 4'7" I mean really short lol and wimpy for that matter there were only 2 strong guys but they didn't hear the person say the 2 wimpy's and Ray (GE'OGE) went flying like 3 feet Ray scramling to get together (the floor was slippery on the guys) Nick noticed the guys flinging all over so he grabbed the slack and pulled them up the guys were losing so all the guys from the north end of the audience ran up the stairs and tried to help them out then the girls from the east side rushed the stage too dang it was a dang moshpit! lol (sp) ok and then this past week I have been sick..yet again..I missed some of 5th all 6th all 7th and 7th then the next morning 1st 2nd and got back middle of 4th period we have been playing Monopoly for our our civics fun right yep! we played communist game, socialist game, and capitalist...communist was so boring. anyway I saw Joy Ride finally OMG Paul Walker is a major hottie!!!!! none of my friends can see it tho cuz it's R rated...:( ok I went to the IB council meeting just last Thursday and I registered for Highschool 10th grade here I come lol.Valentines plans well not much...Bball practice on Wednesday was aiight...I was sick but that's the only reason I went in to school was cuz I wanted to play. ok HAPPY VDAY ON FRIDAY! lol yeah its done so what it was tight. uhmin 3rd period some 8th grader told me "Hey gimmie ur number and I promise I'll call it" now this guy is a punk...he makes fun of everyone, calls peeps names, swears everyother word,(yes I swear, but that's just nasty when someone swears all the time ur like hello not a very good vocabulary now do we? and the kids just a punk he thinks he knows everything! and so I told him off I was like "yeah but that's why I don't wanna give it to you." he backed off from there cuz he deserved it punk. 1st period I almost gave up 1/6 of my life BASKETBALL...cuz of Kristina she just made me feel bad about myself no big I've learned to kinda ignore my friends when they make fun of me or ditch me cuz they do it so much...::rolls eyes::..thanx jerks lol jp Valentines night...I just went over to my friend Niska's house and chilled she did my hair in her salon and everything. it was tight...and then I slept over my mom gave me some Vday presents. I got stuff from Avon a makeup powder glitter shake brush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, concealer, and make up hider, then I got 2 peasant waist ties. my friend Cam was so jealous lol I loved it I slept over at Niska's house and then we watched picture perfect. I stayed the entire day basically at Niska's house and talked to her bro Nathan on the phone. and then since it was her dad's birthday I didn't wanna intrude I wanted it to be her family...thing u know so her older sibs came over and ate blah blah and I left to go to the girls and guys basketball game. Guys won 66 to like 30 something I guess and girls lost by one point! It was so sad too cuz this was the game that determined if they went on or not...and there were 2 over times and then they lost by 1 point how devastating? anyway after the game we went to Niska's on the way there we saw like 3 guys I honked the horn at them then Jewelz n I got outta the car and went "ow ow..." and then we ran to Niska's door and banged on it and Niska wouldn't let us in then finally she opened and then I was like OMG OMG OMG can u believe I jus did that Jewelz nor Niska could believe that I did that. Jewels was like we finally broke ur shell I was like shut up whatever u didn't she's like it's slowly crumbling. then we ran back to see then and the guys were running towards us so I ran inside and then they thought it was Niska cuz they were like oh it's only Cami then she was like Brit I can't beleive u did that Brit and I was like why'd u say my name she's like cuz I didn't want them to think it was me..I was like OMG they were like so proud of me! not even funny then after we dropped off Jewelz and my cousin came to my house for a while well until 1am we watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding and organized my room so yeah...that's it...I think...this week I dunno what I have planned, Friday I have the Ja Rule concert HELL YEAH!!!!!!! and today Cam, and Jewelz wanna do something and Teeny just called me and is wondering if I can do anything AGH!!!!!! hectic and then tomorrow no school (BOOYA!!) and Niska want's to do something so I dunna....anyway that's it I'll tell ya more late! luvz thanx sorry so long! :) Te Quiero! --Sasha (BRITTY!)

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