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Brittany (britty_murphy_) wrote,
@ 2003-04-06 00:42:00
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    Right now I am at James and Angie's mother's house. Why, you ask? Because I needed to get out, and James offered a place to go. Unfortunately, he fell asleep hours ago, so I was stuck watching Maddox and Ava. I guess I should get used to crying kids and things like that, but whoa. I'm thankful they're off in bed, because I feel like I'm going to faint from exhaustion.

    I took a long shower today and cried. It felt good to cry. I need to get all this frustration and... everything out, so I did. And then it really hit me. I'm going to have a baby. A little... person is going to come out of me. And I'm going to be "Mommy" to someone. And no matter what happens between me and... someone, this child is going to be loved. I already have friends offering to babysit in exchange for being called "Aunt" or "Uncle." This baby is going to be... spoiled rotten *laughs* It's just an amazing thing to me, that within a year my whole life is going to be completely different and rearranged. I certainly never expected to be where I am now a year ago. A year ago I was filming Just Married, life was peachy. And now... I'm going to be a mother? The realization made me cry, and not in a bad way. This isn't the end of the world. Everything is going to be okay. "Mommy"... heh. Jesus..

    As for other... issues. I'm simply not going to talk about it. Period. It'll just piss people off, and I don't want anymore shit right now. I don't care what he does. Why should I? It's not like we're together anymore.. *shakes her head* But I'm not talking about it. See? Everyone already knows my business anyway, so why discuss it. Whatever.

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