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Britney Nicole (britneyx23) wrote,
@ 2003-03-29 10:46:00
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    handy man
    ok today is saturday but im gonna tel u wat happened the last couple days since i havent been writing.
    wednesday: well at lunch i foundout that matt m. likes me.. a little late ya think?yea any way i had to stay after for art or im gona fail, not like i really care anyway but yanno ya gotta do wat ya gotta do. well i was in ther and i was pissed off becas i cudda been home on the fone wid chris, instead im standin in a stanky ass art room wit a buncha lil kids, so then devin and dustin walk in, i sit in the back wit them cuz they had to stay after 2 make up werk 2. k well we wer talkin about relationships becas i was askin dustin why he said no to gerimae, well devin was sayin how he has had sex wit all of these girls... yea sure. well dustin was like flirtin wit me so bad i just kept bringin up the fact that i hav a boyfriend and he kept flirtin i was like ... ya okay but i didnt flirt back just becas i like chris alot lol. well devin was like id never go wit britney she looks good n everythin but she ma friend so by the time we was gettin ready to leave devin was like yea id tap britney and dustin was like touchin me so i stud up and walked away and he was just talkin about how he hasnt went out wid any one yet this year becas they are bitchy and dont act rite or dont look good and he was just like britney w. is the whole package i was just like WAT EVER i mean this kid dont kno me, im a bitch lol! ok so i completely disregarded the whole convo went home and talked to chris on the fone wen gerimae beeps thru and was like omg britney i was talkin online to dustin and he says that he likes u and he thinks that u like him... im just like WHOA i mean thats strate ignorant to go and tell some one who liked u that much that u like her friend yanno! i dont care tho i wudnt go out wit him even if me and chris werent together i have more respect for my friends than that, bros before hoes!
    thursday~ nothin at all happened!
    school flew by until spanish i hate that class it seems to drag on forever n always lol. well um i got home and talked to chris as always lol and we decided to go to the mall at 6ish , gerimae wasnt goin now. so i get to the mall me and chris meet up then a few minutes later we see brittany v and melissa. ok so we start walkin around wit them then we loose them and go sum were i forget were we walked to but then we met up wit them and brittany v's b.f mickey and a whole group of his friends...
    im not done but ill finsh later i just spilled wax on ma hand lol

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