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Britney Nicole (britneyx23) wrote,
@ 2003-03-24 12:19:00
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    Current mood: okay
    Current music:chop suey!~ .. system of a down

    chris's house
    well today is monday and over the weekend i decided that i wud ride the buss home with gerimae then go over chris's ofcourse it was like impossible to consintrate in school lol. well i mean nothing really happened at school. well i really wanted to ride the buss wit gerimae just to see if teresa (chris's ex, ;x we dont get along) would say anything to me becas i am constantly hearing shyt abou her talkin about me... get over it lol. k so she didnt say any thing it was funny becas even dallas said she was unusually quiet... i dun care tho her talkin behind my back just goes to show that she really is jealous.. ok so we get to chris's house and guess wat.. chris isnt home! omg i was mad but dallas talked to him on the fone and told chris that i left already so dallas took me in to chris's room and i sat on his bed until he came home omg he opened his door and i wish i had a camera to get the look on his face again. well i mean not much happened over chris's house we just made out.. alot .. he gave me a hickey that my mom will kill me for lol. but um yea thats just about it , tomarro were goin to the mall idont kno exactally who all is goin but it will fall in to place eventually lol. k buh bye

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