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Britney Nicole (britneyx23) wrote,
@ 2003-03-16 22:19:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:swing swing~ all american rejects

    whoaaaa alot happened omg in just a day. ok so i woke up ... cleaned... went to michaels wit my mom and we decided to make a scrap book of my 8th grade year. its gonna be pretty. ok so i came home and chris calld but he didnt evael a message. it was on the caller id. so i did a bunch of stuff .. got on line and talked to gerimae. then i got off and did a tarot reading on my self... but didnt turn out rite becs i wasnt focused .. and wen i almost was focused the fone rang... it was chris f. lol i freaked and didnt answer. so then he called a few more times and i freaked again and didnt answer until i got online again and started talkin to roxanne and i convinced my self to pick up next time lol. ok so um yea ... i signd off and gerimae called so iwas talkin to her bout chris and then he beeped thru.. i didnt answer it in time!! lol so just let me get the facts straite.. chris didnt get expelled for stabbin some one which is wat keith tried to tell me... i knew it wasnt tru becas chris told me that he got expelled for smoking, okay so um yea then me and gerimae had a great conversation lol shes cool then i got another beep .. me and her was freaking out lol so i answered it this time and it was him <3 lol so yea um i forgot to flash back over to geri and tell her id call her back lol so she called me an hour later and i was still on the fone with chris and she was like brit u left me hangin but she was happy about it so it was all good. me and chris look like complete opposites but we like the exact same things.. like im the short blonde haired blue eyed girl with "preppy" clothes... but i dont listen to "preppy" music.. thats why i dont lable people .. but chris dresses in all black , with the chains off the back of his pants and such ... but we like the same music, same stuff, and we both get in to truble easily lol. so after talkin to him for 2 hrs.. he was like hold up i hav a beep.. i was like okay.. he comes back 2 min later and says its my grandmother i have to go but i need to ask u somethin.. im like okay so he goes i wanna kno if ull go out wit me and im like ARE U SERIOUS?!?! lol hes like yea.. i was like YEA! lol but on the fone we wer talkin about how we wer like ment to be becas the day i met him was the first time my dad let me go skating in 8 months lol! and we hit it off like automatically and he was like its kind of like serindipity .. so we were talkin about stuff like that n such .. this boy is so attractive to me is just like damn. i just dont kno out of all the girls, me! ME! little old britney! i cant believe it hes adorable and hes mine! he has goals too and that is a big deal with me i feel like u have to have goals in life and he wants to go to law school. thats great. he makes me feel like i can trust him for some reason i havent felt that in any one EVER i like believe every thing he says becas he seems so honest .. if i was a boy i wud prolly be chris. lol i think im done bragin about my new boyfriend.. . so let me plug the new cold play cd for roxanne lol GO BUY IT DAMNIT!! yea lol becas thats the next cd im gonna get... just becas roxanne wants me too lol. so everyone shud buy it ~! aww roxy dont ya feel speshul! im tired now so im gonna go ill write tomarro.. oh yea i stil havent talked to russell... i dont plan on it either. xox brit

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