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Britney Nicole (britneyx23) wrote,
@ 2003-03-13 19:37:00
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    Current mood: rushed
    Current music:how u gonna act like that~ tyrese

    oh happy day
    ok so today is .. thursday? i dunno i guess it is i kind of lost count. well if today is thursday then on tuesday we had a 3 hr early dismissal i got in touch wit steve and i talked to him a bout chris and i think that me and chris kind of want the same thing, steve says that chris told him that he really likes me but he dont kno if he would ask me out becas we wouldnt see eachother + i dont go to the same school. i think i want to fool around with chris and act like he is my boyfriend.. but im not so sure that i want to be tied down by anyone .... i dont kno why i didnt realize this tuesday becas i actually cried over it ... actuall i didnt kno why i was so upset then but i kno now and if ur a girl then u kno why i was cryin at the drop of a hat 2 lol. ok so yesterday i talked to steve again and he just keeps tellin me different stuff about wat chris says so im just gonna wait until the 21st and talk to CHRIS becaz steve is a lil slow... well any way school has sucked pretty bad lately, im stressed over interms commin out and plus "aunt flow" is here + i hav boys constantly on my mind + i have been slackin in school so i havent got like any thing done. tomaro i am prolly goin skatin if my interm is good then on saturday i am hopefully goin to the mall with melissa. i dunno everthin depends on ma interm becaz i kno i got a bad thing from mrs ferrer the art teacher cuz today she told me that i was failing .. she called me to her desk 2 times today . once for playin wit brandon then again for messin wit dj. lol i hate her shes ugly and has funny eye brows lol. ok ill prolly write tomarro pray for a good interm for me becas my navel ring depends on it
    *peace shawdi*

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