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Bridget (bridget_sit) wrote,
@ 2003-11-06 18:07:00
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    Current mood:spontaneous
    Current music:TV

    Since we’re no longer in lock down mode, I’ve been taking much pleasure in walking around outside, in the nice, big, free world. Went down to the shopping center to get some sweet little “get well soon!” cards for Shannon and Rona today. Although, when I got to the Hallmark store, I couldn’t decide whether or not I wanted to get them pretty cards or funny ones. After a long, grueling decision-making process, I finally went with the joke-y ones, ‘cause hey, laughter’s the best kinda medicine, right?

    After that mission was accomplished, I wandered into Old Navy. Now, I gotta ask, what’s with all the Christmas-y decorations? It’s not even Thanksgiving yet! They did look pretty at least. I especially liked the silver snowflakes hanging directly above the check out counters. Speaking of the checkout counters, when I went to pay for my new red t-shirt, I met this really nice guy-worker. I asked him about all these forms that were laying on the space next to the register- they were job applications. I learned that they need a ton of new workers to help out for the holiday season. Being the spontaneous girl that I am, I took an application! I also filled it out. And submitted it. I might get a job… this could be fun. And the pay’s not bad. Yay to economic-independence

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